Friday, June 18, 2010


Nobody told my chicks that chickens can't fly.
My newest additions think the tree in the chicken run is the perfect place to get away from the fuss-budget older hens and rooster.
While my older chickens don't actively chase my new pullets (that would be too much work), the babies can't really set up shop for a nap or preening without fear of getting pecked on the head for just being in the way.
Their solution is to get up where the older chickens can't get---the tree. The little ones are surprisingly agile flyers. Even more so, their landings. Unfortunately, that won't last for long.
Buff Orpingtons hens can push up against the 6 lb. mark as fully grown chickens. I guess by the time they reach that weight though, they'll be able to peck the other chickens right back.
In other chicken news. The little hen in the center of the picture has begun laying eggs. Small, almost pink eggs. They'll grow in size as she does, and the color of the egg will become darker--closer to the natural brown that they're supposed to be.


  1. I remember a house when I was growing up that always had chickens and...goats in the trees! It's hilarious to see chickens in trees for me...

  2. They are so cute! My chickens love tree limbs! And congrats on the new eggs!!

  3. Your chickens are beauties. I miss the photo of your big rooster in your header but the sunset/rise pic is a stunner so I can see why it is showcased.

    Pecking order in the hen house is so much like human behavior. We just don't like to admit how a lot of people can act mean and superior to those they think can't get even.

    Wish I was close enough to buy a few of those fresh eggs.

  4. Leenie beat me to it! I was thinking the same thing - chickens act SO much like people sometimes. Thank goodness the young girls can fly right now. And I think you're right - by the time they're too big to make it to those tree limbs, they'll be big enough to face those bully big girls. Congrats on the new eggs! I still smile every single time I find an egg. Even if it is in the middle of the straw in the goat barn. *sigh*

  5. They're so pretty when they are young!

  6. A few of my chickens still hop up into the tree, though they almost a year old now. The Welsumers seems to think the tree is the best perch ever.
    Thankfully, so far when dusk arrives they head back to the coop.

    Congrats on the pink eggs. Your chickens are beautiful.

    I've not been around for a long while. I've just been so busy and am having trouble keeping up with everything.
    Your new header is gorgeous, but I sure do miss your handsome rooster photo. Hows the handsom devil?

    We still have Sid. Seems noone wants an evil rooster.


  7. I'm amazed - six pound chickens, huh? Your babies are beautiful.