Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Miss Them

Tom and Pearl are away at Camp Sionito this week. This is the first time they've attended the same camp in several years. The last time, I was a counselor. I miss them, far more than I thought I would. I thought, "Man, there's going to be such peace and quiet this week." It's too quiet and too peaceful.
This year, we are all aware that Tom will be headed to college in the Fall. Some days we all want Tom to go away tomorrow. Last winter, Pearl and James began saying, "Go to college!" when Tom would tick them off.
Most days, we know that his presence will be missed in our daily lives.
Tom and Pearl have always been friends, but went through a period of time when they could barely breathe the same air. I understand that it's completely normal, but it befuddled both Lee and me. Lee and I were both born several years after the next oldest sibling. We were both sort of 'only children'. Sibling rivalry wasn't something we experienced.
The picture above is when we surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World. We secretly packed their bags and then took them to a pancake place for dinner. When they'd eaten as much as they could, we said, "Do you want to go home, or do you want to go to Disney World?" We then presented them with airline tickets (in Tom's right hand) and off we went. I don't think we're going on a family vacation this summer. We've talked about going to the coast, but I think the BP oil disaster will be a factor.
They come home in two days. I know there'll be times this summer when I wish they were back at camp. I know there'll be times when they wish they were back at camp.
Until then, I choose to miss them. I miss their silliness, their fights, their inability to remember their chores, their stubbornness, their smiles, their hugs, their "I love you", their thoughtfulness, their empathy, and their ability to make me want to strangle them.


  1. Funny how kids can become so much a part of you that you feel something very important is missing when they aren't there--no matter how annoying they can be.

    When they pack up for a long absence or a permanent flight from the nest it can be really tough to take. But they are ALWAYS in your heart.

  2. I love how you surprised them with a trip to Disney World. How cool is that?!

  3. I can imagine you miss you them like crazy. BTW Wisconsin's a great place to vacation :)

    There are times when I wish Bella would just sleep through the night but then I remind myself how even though I'm completely exhausted, I'll miss her curling up to me and nursing in the middle of the darkness when it's only her and I... weird huh?

  4. Leenie, I am so blessed to have great, great kids. They make good decisions about school, friends, parties, and so on. I often wonder what I'll do with myself when they are all gone from the nest. Hurts thinking about it.

    MB, the Disney surprise was epic. Pure delight.

    Sarah, I've heard that about Wisconsin. I've also heard y'all have mosquitoes as big as 747s. True?
    I totally understand the nursing at night thing. When Quinn was nursing, I had the other two to take care of as well. I loved nursing in the middle of the night because it was just me and him and the darkness. No dishes, no laundry, no lunches to make, no phone to answer, etc.

  5. I always appreciate and love your complete honesty about what you are feeling. And, more times than not, you make me cry. Your family is so blessed to have you.

  6. Awwww. You're such a good Mama...and your kids are pretty terrific, too.

    My twinlings went to camp last month and I had all these plans to take care of while they were gone, but the week just sped by, as I still had Jenna home and I had all the daily chores to take care of too.

    Jenna and I both missed them, though. It sure was quiet. But the week really did speed by. Heck even the summer is speeding by.

    Some days I feel like the earth is spinning way too fast and I want it to just slow down or just stop for a few days...a week. I can't believe it's already almost July!

    Our winter and snow will come back in early October. That's only 3 months away! gah!