Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Love

Today you have shared 24 of your birthdays with me. This will be the first one we have spent apart.
You and Tom are in South Carolina, having a guys trip. It was your gift to Tom for his 18th birthday. It turns out it works well for your birthday, too. I would venture to guess that it will be your best birthday ever. That doesn't hurt my feelings one little bit.
You and Tom are driving fast.
I hope you're wearing helmets and 5 point driving harnesses. More than anything, I hope you're having the time of your life and bonding with our first bird out of the nest.
Don't bring home a BMW, though. How can a person own a car like that and not drive fast?
We will celebrate with your favorite cake on July 4th, even though you arrive back home on June 28th. James will be away at camp all week. He certainly would not want to miss helping Grandma make your cake. He wouldn't want to miss eating it either.

Happy birthday, my love. I hope you have a fabulous day and eat someplace wonderful to honor this special day.



  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby! CeeCee, I hope you're having a great day without your men! And a great birthday party when they return!

  2. Fun post! Best wishes to you and the birthday boy.

  3. I've heard that joke about the difference between black bear and grizz scat. But I've never seen it on a sign. LOL