Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Fabulously Busy Month

From mid-May to mid-June, we were busy with wonderful things.
Our family is blessed beyond measure.

As you can see, it was someones 82nd birthday. Grandma and James got together on May 18th to bake the cakes that go into our family tradition for birthdays---homemade German Chocolate cake. Triple layered!
Grandma and James have started their own tradition of getting together to bake it. After it's cooled, they put the cakes in the freezer. On the day of celebration, the cakes are taken out of the freezer and topped with homemade frosting.
Happy Birthday, Grandpa!! And many, many more!

Next came the informal graduation of James from elementary school.
What an amazing year he had. Two teachers right from heaven. The children in their classes are going to take the middle school by storm. None of the kids will be caught off guard by the level of work required by middle school.
James got all A's by the way.
Great work, son!!

The week before graduation, we hosted a party at our house in honor of Tom.
How blessed we were with 60 guests that included people from all circles of our lives--church family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
Somehow, I managed not to get one picture of the events that day.
We had Rudy's BBQ, cakes made by Rolling in Thyme and Dough, and Blue Bell ice cream, of course.

Next came the day, 13 years in the making.
Tom graduated high school.
We were so thrilled that some of our extended family got to come.
Lee's brother, JD. His wife, Joanne and one of their sons, Daniel.
Late the night of graduation, their other son, David joined us.
Taller than both of us.
It's official!
Out of order here, but the cousins gathered round for a rousing game of Apples to Apples, Jr. Aunt Joanne gave them a run for their money, but David won.

The three musketeers.
Tom's two best friends, Connor and Christian.
Connor's medal is for leading our marching band to 1st place in state competition. Drum major extraordinaire.
He and Tom will be headed the same college.
Christian will be headed to a college nearby the other two boys, and continue his swimming career.

I feel such immense gratitude for all the blessings in my life.
I know life can change in an instant, but for today, I will be grateful for the health of my children, the choices they have made and the family that is mine.
Thank you to each and every person that made this month what it was.


  1. What a time of celebration! Such excellent, happy smiles! I am proud with you of your sons' accomplishments. And such handsome, handsome young men. Congrats on that gold cord and also the all A graduation from elementary school. Happy birthday to Grandma and James and paydays for mom and dad.

  2. What a wonderful month! Loved seeing all your pictures.
    (sniff) Our boys in caps and gowns...

  3. What a month, what a family, what a celebration! Life is good!

  4. You have such a beautiful family, Carla. It looks like you've had a hectic, and very fun month. I really love that grandma and James have a special tradition they share. That cake looks positively yummy!

    Tom is radiating happiness in those pictures. Congratulations to him! What an exciting time.

    I hope you're rested up from all that excitement - and preparing for it!

  5. Amazing pictures! What an incredible family you have. I'm so proud of each of them and for you and Uncle Lee for raising them to be the young people and adults that they are! Good work!