Friday, April 16, 2010

The Sun and the Earth

My chickens are sort of like the sun and the earth.
They exist in the same universe, but one group really revolves around the other. Never the two shall meet. Not on purpose, anyway.
My chicks have made the final move into the larger chicken run. The only thing they don't share is sleeping quarters (that comes later). The rabbit hutch on the right is where the chicks sleep, the green building on the left is where the chickens sleep.
I was going for Beverly Hillbilly look with the rabbit hutch and sheets to keep the rain and snakes out.
How'd I do?

Through the maze of fences, you will see in the middle-left area of the picture---4 chicks. They are on top of the nest box that is IN the chicken coop. The big chickens are actually letting the chicks in the coop without chasing them out.
Yesterday, when it rained cats and dogs, the big chickens weren't so generous though. The chicks had to find shelter under their hutch. I was pleased that they figured that out on their own.

Introducing the chicks into the main chicken enclosure went better than I expected. The last time I tried the standard 'meet and greet' way of introducing new chickens, it did not go well.

They have a fairly large run, and the little chicks spend a great deal of their day staying out of the larger chickens way. Both groups stick closely together. If one chick happens to get separated from the other three, the big chickens will chase it. As soon as it is out of their space, there is peace in the run again.

Mostly the chicks just stay out of the way.
Whatever works.
I'm just pleased as punch that the whole thing has been fairly painless for me, and especially my chicks.


  1. I really like your approach to integrating the new chicks. I think the rabbit hutch is a great idea! Your chicks are getting so big now! Pretty girls.

  2. I'm glad to read that everyone is settling in and working things out nicely.
    Peace reigns!