Monday, April 26, 2010

Over Achiever

My chicks are 14 weeks old. Chickens do not begin laying eggs until 20 weeks at the earliest. Like other animals, the chicks don't read the chicken books or get on the computer to Google such information.
I noticed a bit of 'bleaching' of the skin of two chicks around their eyes and combs. Believe it or not, coloring that normally exists in the body areas that aren't covered in feathers (Vent, Eye/Ear, Beak and Legs) fades as their egg laying begins. Once their egg laying trails off, that color returns. That is one good way to tell if your older hens need to be sent to Freezer or Crockpot Camp. Of course, if they have names and sit in your lap like mine do, they'll never be attending either of those Camps.
Just out of curiosity, I cracked open this tiny, tiny egg. There was no yolk. There was, however, the little island of white that the yolk normally would sit in. I'm thinking that those that I share the eggs with, would like them to be a bit bigger and have the amazing marigold colored yolks that we all love.
I'll get out my chicken books and begin reading to my chicks about how they aren't supposed to start laying for 6 more weeks. I think they'll be relieved.


  1. Maybe you need to hook up the internet in their coop so they can Google all kinds of information. Maybe even post a blog or two. No telling where that could go. They could get so pre-occupied with blogging (ahem) that the'd forget about the pressures of egg-laying for a while.

  2. Ooooh, congrats on that first little egg!!
    Can you guess what I'm going to ask you, CeeCee?...
    How much did that lil' egg weigh? This is very important, you know. :-)
    My chickens, now a little over 2 years old, began laying at 18 weeks. I tried to tell them they weren't due for another 2 weeks but they just wouldn't listen! I always thought I just had extremely advanced girls, but clearly yours are even more so. Impressive! lol

  3. Leenie, that's a fine idea. My hubby is in computers, I'll bet he could get them hooked up in no time. :)

    Danni, the egg wouldn't register on my little electric scale. It weighed considerably less than that quarter.

  4. I heard that chickens can't read but that they do understand English so you should definitely read to them...they are far too young to be laying eggs...gee whiz, babies having babies... :)

  5. Too cute! I'm with you, CeeCee. I always tell anyone new to chickens to read all they can, research all they can, and then accept the fact that their chickens did NOT read the same books. Little hussies.

  6. Very tiny! Yep, all my chickens have names!

  7. Great post CeeCee - funny! Crockpot Camp!!!!!!!! That's a new one for me. We (I) have a rule here - everything that steps foot onto this farm gets a name immediately. That's to make sure that nothing ends up at Freezer or Crockpot Camp.