Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nobody Loves the Dogs, Part II

As I was waiting for these pictures to load, Pearl came downstairs (just awakened).
Both dogs got up from their napping spots and went to say 'good morning'. Pearl stopped what she was doing, stooped down and hugged the dogs. Morning pleasantries were exchanged by dogs and girl alike.
James got up from watching international soccer (don't ask) and got in on the love fest.
Our dogs are unfortunate, huh?
I tend to look on all the love as a life lesson. If you love something unconditionally--like the dogs love us, then you learn unconditional love in return.

Mandy and Smokie always greet us when we come in. They come find us if we've wandered off. Kisses are never withheld. They are interested in most boring stories we can tell. They want to snuggle. They don't hold grudges for things like a late dinner.

Our family, in turn, overlooks many things. Grass covered dogs camping out on our beds, 'dog breath' kisses, a dog that gets in the pool any chance she gets and then wants in the house, hole digging and barking at squirrels.

We're slightly crazy about our dogs. Goodness, they make us happy. I hope there is part of them that senses how happy they make us. I hope they sense how much we love them in return.


  1. I'll bet they sense how much you love them in return. Amen on the unconditional love part - so very true. Have a great day CeeCee. :)

  2. Sure they know you love them!! They are good at picking that up:)) We have a lot to learn from them:)
    Keep loving and spoiling them..

  3. How very sweet! They know how much you love them; they are some lucky doggies!

  4. Aw, those are some lucky pups for sure! Isn't it amazing how much pups bring into our lives? They are just the best. I just love it when you talk about how much you love yours! It makes me smile.

  5. Life would be a lot less "bright" without out dogs (and other pets). They can always make your heart smile.

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  7. Awwwww....sweet post.

    Dogs really are great. :)