Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nine Dozen, Minus Two

In looking over older posts to try to describe the program we have at church to feed the homeless, I found that I didn't blog about this years Thanksgiving Dinner.
I couldn't figure out why. Then I remembered that I was on my way to Cottonwood, Arizona to bring Lee home after his bike accident and surgery. Someone from church took the helm of that dinner with five days notice. Yes, I know that I've outed my real name, but most of you know it anyway.

I digress.
This year, it is my Food for Friendship team's Sunday to cook on Easter. Each team cooks something different. Our team makes oatmeal with all the yummy fixins, plus fresh fruit, coffee, milk and orange juice. We pride ourselves on offering a 'bottomless' plate. Since oatmeal is a rib-sticker, folks do not go away hungry. Only one of our guests, "M", thinks we should offer more than oatmeal. This Sunday he will get his wish. We will offer more, as he suggests, "Vuh-Rye-Yuh-T". He's from back east somewhere. Very articulate. Here in Texas, we'd say "Vry-T". Where I grew up in Missouri, we'd say, "Variety".
I digress again. Big surprise.

I spent the better part of the afternoon hard-cooking (the Egg councils words, not mine) eggs. I just used the standard size spaghetti pot to get it done--batch by batch. I thought the white eggs looked a little boring, so I whipped up a few bowls of food coloring. What's Easter without colored eggs?

I also plan on picking up some chocolate. I hope "M" is pleased. For some reason, pleasing him makes me happy. I guess because he has so little happiness in his life most of the time. It's a small gift I can offer him. It pales exponentially compared to the gift Jesus gave us at Easter.


  1. Those eggs are so beautiful! What a wonderful church you seem to have. I hope you make Mr. M smile when he sees the veh-rye-it-tay you offer this year :)

  2. You have such a big heart Aunt CeeCee!!