Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mutant Garlic

Wait, that isn't garlic, that looks like leeks.
I know that's what you're telling yourself.
I'd be saying the same thing, if I hadn't put 40 individual cloves of organic garlic in the ground last November 1st. Three different kinds, in fact.
It definitely smells like garlic. Tastes like fresh garlic--garlic that hasn't 'cured' yet.
What on earth could have happened? Not one looks like it was even thinking about making cloves. I'm going to go ahead and cure these and see what we end up with . I may also dry some in the oven. I'm just disappointed that I don't have 40 heads of garlic.
If you happen to be a garlic guru and have any idea what could have gone wrong, please let me know.


  1. Those look like leeks! I am curious to know why they didn't bulb as I have some in the ground and the last time I checked them, they did't have bulbs on them either but didn't quite like like yours! I have not dug mine yet.

    Oh and hello fellow Texan :O).

  2. Hey Texan, welcome!
    Okay, don't harvest yours yet. Turns out that in addition to browning leaves as a harvesting cue, a better one is garlic 'scapes'.
    I just thought that since mine never went dormant this winter, that 6 months was plenty long enough to make garlic. I guess garlic doesn't care how long I think it should take to grow cloves. :)

  3. Yeah, wait next time to harvest...still, it's goo dlookin' food and if it tastes ok, why not!

  4. I was just gonna ask you if it had "scaped" yet. Just looks under developed.
    But I bet you can still use it in things that you can use scapes in....they just have a milder taste and sometimes taste a little "green".

  5. Oh my goodness. They do look like leeks. Are leeks related to garlic? Have you ever planted leeks in your garden? Could the seeds somehow morphed with leeks?
    I have no idea what happened but that is pretty wild. You'll have to tell us how they taste once they are cured.


    ps I'm catching up today because my blog updates for you weren't showing up, so I didn't know that you had done all this posting. Sorry for being so far behind.

  6. any tips for someone just starting out... I'm new to this and will probably flake and everything :) My thumb is more black than green... I need EASY stuff to grow, I'm talking SUPER easy!

  7. I live near Refugio and I pulled up my garlic yesterday and it looked just like that! What on earth is going on?
    (I only pulled up three) Do I cure these things??

  8. Texassweety,
    I can't imagine yours aren't ready yet. That was wrong with mine. I harvested too early. Good thing you only pulled up three. Leave the rest and watch for the 'scapes'--thats the harvesting cue.