Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's That Time of Year

It's fawn time.
Whitetail deer fawns are born from late April to Mid-June. Most are born in May after a 7 month gestation.
Texas boasts more whitetail than any other state.
More than half of those deer reside right here in Central Texas--technically a region called the Edwards Plateau. Sources say 1 deer per 113 acres. I say they are wwwaaaayyy off. I have four acres and have seen as many as 16 deer in my pasture alone. With not many natural predators (coyotes, people and cars), their numbers expand every year beyond the number of kills.

Still, you can't help being drawn in to the cuteness that is pictured below.
I actually got to hold this little girl. My neighbor found her in her barn yesterday. It is only permissible to move a fawn if it is in danger. In this case, the horse that resides in the stall was not happy. Her dog would have been only too happy to continue barking at it all day, as well. I picked her up and moved her 100 yards closer to the brush where her momma hangs out most of the day.
Every year, many folks mistakenly believe that a fawn by itself has been abandoned. They rescue it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Does, for the first month of the baby's life, leave it hidden and only come back to it to nurse (2-3 times a day). By some bit of magic, the fawns have no scent, and are thereby protected from predators for the first month of life.

Unfortunately, for the fawn, I transferred my scent onto her when I moved her.
That makes her a little more likely to be found by a dog or coyote that happens by.
It couldn't be helped.
While she was safe in the barn stall from coyotes, there was no way momma was going to come in and nurse with all the activity that happens there every day.
As of yesterday afternoon, the fawn was gone from the place I'd put it. That means mom came, nursed and then found it a new hiding place.


  1. What could possibly be cuter than this little baby???

  2. So good of you to move the faun to a safer place. Even when nature seems a nuisance we should remind ourselves they were here long before us. It must be a thrill to see such a baby up close.

  3. Right when I read the first line of your post, I knew it was going to be an awwwww picture. It is an awwwww picture. Plus it was an educational post for me - I learned a couple of things - thanks!

  4. What a precious baby! And how lucky for her that you happened to know what to do. Such a sweet post CeeCee. It makes me smile.

  5. Oh wow how sweet! We had one like this a few years ago. I can't believe how adorable they are...and I was scared to death that momma wouldn't take it back...but she did