Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Luck With That

This is a lousy picture. It was taken very quickly, through a window. If you have any interest in seeing it a little closer, just click on it.

It's a picture of a squirrel on top of a temporary sleeping quarters that my new chicks are using until they fully integrate into my current flock. The fancy, fancy sheet that you see, is there to keep the rain out.
Several days ago, I noticed some tears in the sheet. I was a bit worried that they'd been caused by nighttime visitors, as the tears were on the front of the sheet (I put it down in front at night). The fencing on their little coop is not as small as I'd like. A raccoon, if interested enough, could fit a paw through the openings. While unlikely it would actually reach a chick, it still worried me.

The sight of the squirrel in this picture, trying to take the entire twin sized sheet for her nest amused me. It also gave me a big sigh of relief. The tears were made by her. They're pretty resourceful little critters, but taking the whole sheet would be a Herculean effort. She doesn't read Greek mythology though. At least I don't think she does.


  1. Cute little squirrel! Last summer we had 2 squirrel babies living on a portion of our roof and we could look down on them from an upstairs window. It was fun to watch their antics.

  2. Love your header. That is one beautiful rooster. And I loved the squirrel story. Those little creatures seem to have a lot of smarts and a lot of courage. They have only lived in this town for a decade or so but they have really made themselves at home. If she gets the whole sheet in her nest please let us know.

    And thanks for stopping by.

  3. The title of your post is absolutely perfect. Aren't they amazing? There is apparently no challenge too big for a squirrel, don'tcha know. :) You have the most amazing sightings out there!

  4. lol! Maybe you could leave her an old washcloth or tear of a strip of the sheet, so she could have it for her nest.
    I hope your chicks stay safe in their temporary housing, too. :-)