Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rosemary Tequila Chicken

4 young chickens
1 terrifying mockingbird with loud singing voice
1 large rosemary bush
1 large agave

Roast at 72* and Sunny for 1/2 hour
Look at feet to check for doneness. They should be slightly pink.
Another sign of doneness is when the legs and wings are able to pull freely away from the body.
Take finished young chickens out, when terrifying mockingbird is done singing.


  1. Too, too cute. I was horrified for one brief moment thinking that you were going to share a literal recipe... you got me. Your chickens are beautiful - I love their color. And your rosemary bush looks very happy!

  2. Very funny! Your pullets are beautiful!

  3. lol! lol! This was just great. I love the tequila and rosemary parts. I wish we had both agave and rosemary growing in our garden.

    You're so creative!


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  4. Hahahaha! Great post - you are too funny! Oh, and I'll have an order of that Rosemary Tequila Chicken please :)

    WP: cowness

    Do you think it's predicting something for me?

  5. Oh this is priceless!!! Love your babies, too!