Monday, February 1, 2010

DO Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

If you don't then you'll never know how many you have.
Lest you think I'm clueless, I understand the old saying.
It means that it doesn't make any sense to try to figure out how many chicks you're going to have, because all the eggs rarely hatch.

It also means, "don't plan on something happening, cuz it might not". That doesn't sound so lyrical and folksy as the chicken one.

What does all this mean? Is something big happening in my life that is causing me to wax poetic?


In fact, it's just about trying to count chicks.
I have four. Luckily four are easy to count and keep track of.
What isn't easy is getting a picture of them.
They never, ever sit still.
I took over 40 pictures of the little fuzz monkeys. How many pictures were keepers?
And they aren't that good.
Thank heavens for digital photography.

So, in my case I would say,
"Do count your chickens before they hatch or at least get a couple good pictures of them. After they're up and running, you'll never get a good picture of them again."


  1. Congrats on your new chickies, Ceecee! They are so sweet and fluffy looking...and I'm absolutely certain that they're on a towel by a bicycle tire in your garage only for a few moments before you take them inside to sleep in a box next to your bed.


  2. Yea, by my bed in that place where pigs fly. :) Lee would come unhinged.

    The chick brooder is in the garage shop--it is heated.

    I find it impossible to get a decent picture of just one of them, let alone all four.

  3. CeeCee,

    They're absolutely adorable! I'll bet their little chirps are so sweet. Since I don't know the first thing about raising chickens, do they imprint on you? Are you Mom and do they follow you everywhere? :)

  4. They are so danged cute! And yes - this is likely the LAST half way good picture you'll get of those little fuzzy butts. Isn't it amazing how quickly they move??? And isn't amazing how incredibly cute they are???? Enjoy them CeeCee. Don't kiss their wings off..... that's the hard part '-)

  5. Ceeceee, you are so funny! Loved the post, and the picture is cute. Little chicks are such fuzzy sweet little cheepers.

  6. Yes, thank goodness for digital cameras. I take a bazillion photos and only a couple will turn out....the rest get deleted...or laughed at. lol!

    Cute chicks! Congrats! What breed are they? I think I missed that info somehow.