Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Version of Snow

I know if I lived up North, that my nemesis would be snow. Primarily, the ability of snow to find its way into my house. I've seen pictures of dogs bringing giant snowballs in, attached to their fur.
Here in Austin, we don't get snow. At least not on a yearly basis.
We get dead grass. Lots and lots of dead grass.
Some dogs just go out, do their business and want right back in.
Not my dogs.
They have to roll around in the dead grass. They have to run madly about, pounce on each other and roll some more.

The thing with dog fur and dead grass, is that there's an electrical attraction. Static cling becomes master over all. Trying to brush the grass out of their coats becomes a lesson in futility.
So what that means is, I do the best I can with a damp brush and just let them back in the house.
Do we end up with grass all over the house?
Would it be easier to wipe snow off a dog and clean up a wet floor?
Would I live up North again so I could trade grass cleanup for snow clean up?

The End.

PS...Off to vacuum for the second time this week.


  1. I guess we have the best of both worlds. Enough rain most of the time we don't have dead grass to contend with, and usually only a light snow or two each winter. good luck with your grass removal!

  2. Have you ever noticed that dirty dog is a happy dog? Rolling makes them SOOOOO happy, what's a bit more vacuuming, right? lol :-)

  3. OMG!!! Toooooo funny. We have exactly the same problem and know exactly what you're talking about CeeCee.

    We call the whole grass thing "accessorizing". ;)

  4. It always cracked me up how dogs love to roll in stuff...that is unless it is something dead. What's a little grass?

  5. I hear ya, CeeCee. We don't have dead grass right now - well, we may, but it's all covered up under a few inches of snow. So my pups track in snow. Oh, and Bonus! - mud from the creek that hasn't frozen over. Bernie says the good news is the mud dries and falls off in the house so we don't have to bath the dogs constantly. *snort* Well, at least he has a sense of humor about it ;-)

  6. I don't blame you.

    Wet snow attracts dirt and dead grass and dust...and other icky things.

    Dead grass on it's own would be much easier to clean then those piles of wet muckiness that gets tracked into my house during the snowy winter.