Monday, January 25, 2010

It's True

Time really does fly.

Sunday was the anniversary of one of the most important days of my life.
Eighteen years ago, at 3:02 pm, Lee and I had our first child.
A boy.
PTC--you know him as Tom.
I marveled at his tiny toes and fingers. His head was covered with brown hair and had an unmistakeable sign that he is related to his dad, uncles and grandfather--a cowlick above the right eyebrow.

The pictures are out of order, as Blogger will only let me download 5 at a time. I couldn't pick just 5, and so got confused when doing them in bunches.

He's the tall one.

Everyone knows that whatever comes in the box, cannot hold a candle to the box it comes in. Bring on the playhouse!

Always the helper. It just takes a bit more coaxing now.

Still loves money. Only now, he knows how to spend it.

Back when it was just Lee, Tom and me. My smiling boys.

First day home. We had no idea what we were doing, but they let us take him home from the hospital anyway. I'm so glad they did!

Tom and his Aunt Jean. We're seven years apart and had little in common. Nothing bridges an age gap between siblings like a baby.

Goodness, I love him madly!

So does his grandma. Lee's mom.

Again, the helper.

Fast forward to his 13th birthday. New neighbors and new friends. They've all grown a bit since then.

A little smile.

Not really trick photography. His contacts are really that color. They were Nike's answer to athletes not being able to wear sunglasses during a game. I think they freaked out more than one opponent in soccer that year. The rest of the color in the picture and the size of his lips--I have no idea about. :)

Soccer, soccer and more soccer. I loved watching him play.

Catching some air. Some big air. Without a helmet!

Wondering why we've drug him out on a boat on choppy seas. In the cold.
He soon changed his demeanor. The whales appeared and all his grouchiness disappeared.

Seventeen! How can he be this old already?
He still smiles silly when I say, "Come on, give me a real smile."

Be still my heart. I can't believe that we've been blessed with such a wonderful guy in our lives. He is truly, a gift from God. I am so proud of the guy he's become. He's made such good decisions and avoided the troubles that many high schoolers get themselves into.

Happy 18th birthday honey.
I think you hung the moon.


  1. Gosh, why do I love looking at old pictures of other people's children so much??!! This was lovely, Cee's amazing-stunning-frightening-mind boggling- horrifying how fast our babies grow up, isn't it? Thanks for sharing "through the years" with Tom - he sounds like an incredible person. Not surprising since he has such a wonderful mama. ♥

  2. What a great bunch of pictures! I agree with Farmgirl Dani, he sounds like a super young man, but not surprising with a super mama (and papa!). I love happy stories!

  3. CeeCee, I always love when you write about your children. You never fail to bring me to tears with your words of love for them. So incredibly sweet. Your children are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom. And it sounds like you and Lee raised some wonderful children. By the way - it is not fair that you look exactly the same today as you did in that picture of you holding Tom as a baby! Please work on getting a couple of wrinkles. ;-)

  4. Hello CeeCee - decided to pop over and check out this chick who visits and leaves such nice comments at my place!

    Your son is handsome - and WHAT a smile. Megawatts!! Happy Birthday to him, and I feel for you. I reckon I see glimpses of the 18-year-old in my almost-8-year old man now. *sigh* SLOW DOWN already...

  5. What great pics Aunt CeeCee! What a sweet little family you have :) Congrats P. Tom for making it 18 years in this crazy work and making great decisions!! We are all SO super proud of who you are!

  6. This is very sweet. Reminds me of my son who I adore. There is just something special about sons. Happy late birthday to Tom!!