Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's August!

It's also May and June and Lily.

These little girls (pullets, in the chicken world) are Buff Orpingtons.
The Buff, referring to their color. The Orpington referring to their breed.
This breed was developed in England in 1886 and brought to the US in 1890.
They originally came only in the color black.

They lay very large, brown eggs---beginning sometimes as early as 20 weeks old.
Many chickens will stop laying in the winter. Orps are famous for laying all winter long. The two that I currently have, laid all year round for the first two years of their lives.

I had several different breeds to pick from at the feedstore. I looked long and hard at Australorps (the Aussie cousin to the Orpingtons). My primary reasons for picking all the same breed were as follows:

1. They lay fabulous eggs, nearly all year long. Every 25 hours. A bit of trivia for those interested in chickens.

2. They are the friendliest breed of chicken I've ever met. Lap chickens if you happen to provide them with a lap.

3. They are very large. Hens get as large as 8 lbs. That size discourages many of the smaller predators--our cat, the local fox, and Red Tailed Hawks, primarily.

4. They'll lay enough eggs to share. One of my favorite things to do is share with my loving father and mother in law. The eggs make them happy, which makes me happy.
Mom, Dad--start looking for eggs at the end of May. No more grocery store eggs!
Over easy or scrambled?

It's one of my top 10 books of all time.


  1. Look at how precious they are! I think Buff Orpingtons are beautiful chickens. Congrats on your new babies!!!!

  2. I think I have to remove myself from the name guessing contest (I saw the answer on your FB) And I totally read (and enjoyed) this book, but I never would've remembered the names...

    What pretty babies!! Awwwwww, CeeCee....you've got chicks!!!!
    yay! :-)

  3. The Secret Life of Bees. We aren't friends on FB, I'm not friends with Dani either. I'll have to look you guys up.

    I love my Buff, I want to get more sometime.

  4. I love the idea of having a lap chicken!

  5. Oh, I love Buff Orpingtons! They are our main breed here too.