Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It just occurred to me that I have to have the house silent when I'm alone. No background noise is necessary or welcome. Wonder why that is? It's not like my family is extremely loud when they're home.

Please come out of 'lurking' and tell me whether you are a background noise kind of person, or a quiet kind of person---maybe why, if you know why.

You can post anonymously. This isn't for any other reason than my own curiosity.


  1. I love music - lots of different kinds - from classical to country. There's good and bad in all the genres. However, I have noticed that lately when I'm home alone I have really enjoyed the quiet. I think I appreciate meditation time more. Maybe it's something that happened after my nest emptied. Or after I just got older. (and I'm older than you are).
    Just had to tell you - because it's something I did notice that changed for me.

  2. I'm a silent house gal too. When I'm cleaning though, I love to rock out!

  3. I love the quiet! I've always loved being all alone!

  4. Ninety-nine percent of the time I like the silence of an empty house. One percent of the time I like to have TimeWarner's Soundscapes (music)channel on.

  5. Oh... silence is gorgeous. Except if I am doing housework - then I need energy music! But mostly (cause I don't do housework very often!) it's sweet nothing.

  6. I love the silent house when I am alone which is hardly EVER. But I do love to do my housework with music playing...it gives me more energy.

  7. It depends! I love Celtic music playing quietly in the background. I love Dan Gibson's nature music. I also love total silence (I can hear the voices in my head better). The television is off when Steve leaves for work and only occasionally comes on during the day if I want to see something in particular. I don't need background sound. I'm perfectly happy being completely alone.

  8. I need peace and quiet. So I can listen to my thoughts and not be distracted. Maybe that is due to me being an only-child and not having much noise from any siblings growing up?

    I suppose, too that since my 3 kidlets are homeschooled and are at home all day, that quiet time is even more precious to me than ever.