Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are You Finished With That?

Every morning, when the kids are all off to school and I've had my coffee, I sit down to the computer.
Lately, I've brought in my heart healthy breakfast as well.
It's either oatmeal (the real stuff, can't eat the instant stuff) with raisins, walnuts and brown sugar or Cheerios with a banana, 1% milk and soy milk mixed together.

Since Smokie was a wee puppy, she has understood that the clanking of a spoon or fork on a dish means the humans are nearly finished.

In case you don't already know this about us, we are one of those families.
The kind of family that lets the dogs lick the plates.
I know, I know---sanitation and all that.
Isn't that what they make the "sanitize" button on the dishwasher for?

I digress.
The trouble with our method, is that the dogs have us very well trained. If you follow Cesar Milan, dog whisperer extraordinaire, you know that we should never, ever let the dogs take the lead on such things as eating, going for a walk, sneaking up on the couch, etc.

So, every morning, I steel myself for being the Alpha Dog. "I will not let Smokie decide when the dogs get to lick my cereal bowl, I will not let Smokie decide when the dogs get to lick my cereal bowl.....". "I am the Alpha, they'll get the bowl when I'm darn good and ready and not one second sooner."

The dogs snicker to themselves. Smokie starts to work.

Let it be known across the land, that Mandy is a lady. She would never be so crass as to put her paw on my leg incessantly and "speak" until I caved in and gave them the bowl. The boldest she's ever gotten is to gently lay her chin on my leg, but now she doesn't bother. Smokie works the room for both of them.
I'll be Alpha tomorrow. Really. I will.
"I will not let Smokie decide when the dogs get to lick my cereal bowl...."


  1. Shhh...don't tell anyone, but I'm one of those families, too.

  2. Your secret it completely safe with me! :-)
    I love that shot of Smokie with his paw on your leg. I'd have a hard time not making him his own bowl every morning, if I had a face like that lookin' at me! :-)

  3. No ones reading this right? its private right? cos to be honest I let my cats do the same LOL

    AND Janet our Chicken :)


  4. OMGosh! As I sit here in my bed, after having just finished a bowl of couscous mixed with broccoli and chicken, I am watching my Dobbie dog licking my own bowl!

    Isn't that hilarious!

    Shhhhh! Let's keep that between us, ok?


    ps, And yes, in answer to your question over at my blog: Dobbie does have chicken poop breath...and horse poop breath...and goat and sheep poop breath...and breath that I don't even want to consider the origin of. lol!

    I'm thinking dishwashers should come with a dog lick sanitizer button, don't you?

  5. We are "that" type of family too - on both accounts. Our pups and cats lick our plates, AND they tell us exactly what we'll do and when. *sigh*

    Your pups are so pretty! I couldn't stand up to those gorgeous eyes either.....