Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

My brother-in-law, JD, is my husband's big brother. I say that, so you'll know the where and why of the picture above.
Both men, on the surface seem a bit reserved. JD's wife and I were questioned by our friends when we began dating these men, "Why are you dating him? He's so stuffy and stuck-up. He never laughs."

What the friends didn't know, is that the guys laugh all the time. They are silly. They can quote Monty Python and break into song at a moments notice.
They have their serious side. It's what has enabled them to take such good care of their families and be counted on at work and church.
However, when the time is right, they are a riot. They're sneaky with their humor. It is often dry. Other times, it's just right up in your face.

Case in point:
Last week, I posted about Lee finding a sort of faux pas' in our local newspaper. Yesterday, I received the picture you see above, from JD.
He double-dog dared me to post about it. I am not one to ignore such a dare. I will not, however, require him to stick his tongue to a flag pole as payment for taking his dare. He is sending me this, instead.


  1. Very funny!
    And it's so good to know that if we ever all get together, we will ALL be able to quote some vital Monty Python. No home should be without this ability. ...just sayin'.

  2. Hey I got a photo like that in an e-mail joke. I think it would be fun to do that to my own house. lol!
    The leggy lampshade is crazy. You've got a nutty family.


  3. Ok CC, I did the dishes this evening. So far, so good. By the way, did you want your leg lamp with a red shoe or a black one. Shoe color is an option, believe it or not! :)

  4. Dare, huh? That lamp was yours from the get go....:-) And who the heck is Monty Python? snort.

  5. Now that certainly is an interesting Santa pic, ha, ha. Well, enjoy your lampshade. What color shoe are you getting?