Monday, December 21, 2009

Can You Say, Aaaawwww?

Three years ago we added to our menagerie. Mandy, our big Cattle dog/Shepherd cross got a new little sister. I did not set out to get a female. In fact, I was dead set against it. Even spayed females tend to have "Alpha Dog" issues.
My decision to give into the female cuteness you see below, later came to fruition. Smokie and Mandy, did indeed go through about 6 months of making me wonder if I was going to have to get rid of one before one of them died of fighting injuries. Neither one would back down.
They will still occasionally have a fight, but it is no longer a constant worry.

That's not really why I'm posting. I was just looking through old pictures and remembering when we brought home the little fatty you see below. Smokie.
I've never known what it is about the Christmas tree, but a dog or cat has always laid underneath it. Never upsetting the tree, but just napping.
It's important to remember that while the dogs aren't allowed on the sofa, there's nothing in the rules that states that dogs can't be on a person that's on the sofa. Splitting hairs is the name of the game. The kids know how to get around the rules as well as the dogs. :)

Smokie proved her worth very early. Besides being a champion squirrel chaser and hole digger, she is able to prewash the dishes with the best of them. She's our way of 'going green'. Think of how much water we save by not prewashing them in the sink.
She learned early that it was just easier to get in among the toys instead of getting them all out. She was very thoughtful that way. No mess for us to clean up.

Mandy showing off a new circus trick with Smokie.
"Look mom, I can fit her whole head in my mouth!"

Again with the technicality of being on a person and not on the sofa. I think here they are stretching that idea a bit, but it was so darn cute. I'm sure they both were aware of it before Smokie ended up in this position. In fact, at this age, she was too small to get up on the sofa by herself. By the looks of it, she wasn't too worried about me discovering her.
She still lays like this today--head tucked in under your chin.
So, gratuitous cuteness is over. Smokie is now a big part of our daily smiles and laughter. She is a funny dog with quirks just like the rest of us. She's deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner, trash bags and when humans sneeze. She's not afraid of much else.
She still chases squirrels and digs the occasional hole.
She rarely gets called by her real name.
Smokie Jo, Smokachino, Mochachino, MoMo, La, LaLa, Poodle, Smoshie, Heyyougetouttathetrash, Smoochie.......

What nicknames do you have for your animals? Why is there no rhyme or reason to nicknames with pets? I guess because they can't slap us upside the head and tell us to cut it out.


  1. She's cute! My cats and chihuahuas love to sleep under our Christmas tree too!

  2. My cat One Ear is sleeping under the tree right now. And yes, that is a nickname. And yes, she actually has 2 ears. Nicknames are weird!

  3. Now those photos are just to cute to deal with LOL


  4. Loved this post! What a cute little dog. I love how your kids and dog figured out how to get past the technicality of NO dog ON the couch, ha, ha. What a hoot!

  5. just visit to your nice blog.

    keep your good work.. :)

  6. Smokie is adorable! I laughed seeing her do all the cute things puppies do. And don't forget the very helpful ability of dogs to act as vacuums, too! We never have crumbs or spills on the floor anymore. hehe!

    Our cats and dogs don't sleep under the tree. They prefer the sofa or our laps. But the cats are known to climb INTO the tree on occasion. gah!

    Great nicknames, too. I think it comes with the pet territory. I call Dobbie: Dobbie Bobby, The Dobster, Cutie Patootie. And Zuni is often called The Zunester, and Zuni Boonie.


    word verif: cries
    What I do when I see one of our cats way up at the top of the Christmas tree, near all my breakables.

  7. I love this post! Those pictures of Smokey are just precious. I love how the kids got around the "no dog on the couch" rule - that made me laugh. Dolly helps with dishes too! She loves doing the pre-wash lick off ;-) Oh - and both Diesel and Dolly are terrified of the vacuum as well!

    Dolly is called Two Toys - because she ALWAYS has at least two toys in her mouth at a time....

    And Diesel is Deetle-Bug - and I have no idea why....