Wednesday, December 2, 2009

But I Moved South for a Reason!

I grew up in Missouri.
Winter was fun until I started Jr. High.
Then I had to walk 1.5 miles to school---uphill, both ways.
Yes, I still appreciated the days off when it snowed a great deal. As I progressed through high school, I began to realize that snow days just meant I'd have double the homework when we got back to school.
At least I got to go back to bed........until one of my parents called to awaken me and tell me to shovel the walk and the driveway before they got home from work.

It got even less appealing when I moved out. Scraping the car windows before heading to work, scraping the windows again before heading home, scraping the windows before heading out for the night----all while freezing my backside off. Twenty-something young women are not known for wearing temperature appropriate clothing or shoes. I was no exception.

When Lee and I got married, we moved to Texas as soon as possible. I'll admit, the weather didn't play a very big role in our search for a new home. It only took one winter for us to realize how wonderful it was to celebrate Christmas in short-sleeves. Another couple winters and having a baby we didn't have to dress in 15 layers every time we left the house was just icing on the cake.

We, in central Texas, have just come through a brutal summer. Sixty-seven (not 68!) days above 100*. Nary a drop of rain, either.
You think I'd gather up the idea of snow and cold and just roll around in it. Take joy in it. Fling open the windows and welcome it in.
Nope, I'm sorry. Snow in December is just wrong in central Texas.
February, maybe.
December, No.
I'm not prepared physically or mentally. Where the heck is Fall??!!

The wind is licking out of the North at about 25 mph right now and it's 43*. The picture at the top says it's supposed to get to 52* today.
Not gonna happen.
What's worse, it's not supposed to get out of the 30's on Friday and SNOW.
My kids are giddy. They might get a snow day.
I am not. My kids might get a snow day.

What that means is, they'll want to go to the movies or the mall.
You see, in Austin, if it even hints at snow or ice, the city completely shuts down.
I'm not kidding.
An innth of an inch of snow and school is canceled. The mall, however, is not canceled. Neither is the movie theater.

Oh well, at least they're all big enough to dress themselves in 15 layers of clothing.
Me, I'm staying in with hot coffee and a Netflix. If the school buses aren't running, neither am I.


  1. No kidding! It is supposed to snow here tomorrow night. I hate the cold. Isn't that why we are in the south?

  2. I was trying to be in total denial that winter was actually here until it began sleeting yesterday morning.

  3. Man, you guys are just going from one extreme to the other, aren't you? The weatherman is saying that "S" word for the weekend here, too. We don't get snow very often, but I expect more often than you do!

  4. Yeah, snow is for Yankees and crazy people...wait, same thing. Anyhow, bring back summer please...ASAP!