Thursday, December 3, 2009

All I Want for Christmas

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that miniature horses are yard ornaments. But hey, we have a yard. A 4 acre yard.
We have always been a 'rescue' family. About half our pets have been rescues.
These miniature horses are no exception. In case Santa is reading, I am fawning over Caspian on page 1 and Alex on page 2. A single horse is a lonely horse. Two horses are better than one when humans aren't around to shower them with affection.
I know there is the little issue of having no fence around the property, but that can be taken care of. In the mean time......well, you know I'd figure it out. Maybe Kathy, next door could board them for a short time. How about Jennifer who boarded Luke for a while.
Santa? You listening?

This is Hope. She's a mare, which I'm not so excited about. But she sure is a looker. I'm thinking I could get over the fact that she's a mare, if one of the other boys isn't available.

PS....Liberty is an option, too. Again, a little mare, but........well. You know.


  1. Wow! Its always a good idea to give Santa lots of options. :-) Hey, maybe I need to do one of these as well....only in llamas. :-)

  2. Good luck! I sure hope Santa is reading this.

  3. A man on the coast of Maine has the first seeing eye horse. It's amazing!

  4. Aren't they the cutest things? I love miniature horses. Should we all send notes to Santa to read your blog? ;-)

  5. Ohhhh! They're so adorable! Do you think Santa has a Buy-1-Get-1-free scheme? Or in his case maybe a Get-1-Gift-1. I know where I'd love to have at least a couple of them go for winter.... to warm sunny India ! ;D
    Would you believe that horses are exotic animals in most parts of India?

  6. I hope your Christmas wishes do come true, CeeCee!


    word verif: sures

    Sures you'll get a pony for Christmas. :)

  7. Thanks for the good wishes everyone, but it'll never happen. Santa doesn't read my blog and sees no reason to bring in more mouths to feed and have see the vet once a year. :)
    I can wish though. I've wished for a horse every C'mas and birthday until I got to be about 14. I finally gave up.

  8. Yeh, be careful what you wish for, too. I wished for a horse all my life and when I finally got one....look what happened to me....