Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why I Can't Mow the Pasture

I really need to get out and mow my pasture before the rains really set in for the winter. I always hesitate because I love the way the grasses look during autumn. Most all the trees on the Edward's Plateau are Live Oaks. What that means is, the trees don't shed their leaves until springtime when the new leaves push the old ones off. We don't have any fall "color". There are a few trees that change with the seasons, but very few. The grasses are about all we get. I look for any excuse not to cut the pasture at all. Lee likes the clean look of a nicely mown pasture. I like the natural look.
Excuses as follows:
"Animals use it as cover, honey."
"It looks like a pink ocean when the wind blows, honey."
"I like the wild look, honey."
"I can see where the deer bed down at night, honey."
"It will help protect the cat from the owls and coyotes if he's out hunting at night, honey."

Now I've got a new one to add to the list.
"Look at all the butterflies that are using it right now, honey"

These butterflies are sort of the ugly-ducklings of the butterfly world, compared with the others we often see. They are American Snout butterflies. Not much more interesting than a common moth. In fact, they are making a terrible mess of the front of my car. There are thousands and thousands of them. I have no idea what interest they have in my pasture. They aren't mating. They aren't wicking pollen. My only guess is that they are warming and drying in the morning sun.
No matter their reason, butterflies are a darn good reason to leave the pasture just like it is for now.
"Honey, the butterflies will leave soon enough, then I can mow the pasture."


  1. Okay, well--the video that took forever to load, didn't turn out like I wanted. I wanted to show how many butterflies there were. Maybe I'll try again later when the light is different.

  2. So...not to point out the obvious or anything, but your pasture looks quite large. Perfect for a couple donkeys. They would fit that spot exceptionally well. It looks like you might have pretty good donkey browse there. And then you wouldn't have the stress about mowing and the worry about disturbing the butterflies and all the other animals that live in there.
    Sounds like a perfect arrangement to me. I'm just sayin'. :-)

  3. Danni, I would LOVE to have donkeys! Even miniature donkeys. Until they come up with a bray-less donk, I can't have one. I live on 4 acres, but horses are the only farm animal permitted around here. Technically, I can say they are all equine, but my neighbors might think otherwise. That bray is a powerful noise. There really isn't anywhere in my pasture where the braying wouldn't bother at least one neighbor.
    I can only dream!