Sunday, November 15, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Tuesday, November 10th. Lee broke his hip in Sedona, Arizona while mountain biking with buddies, TH and DS.
Wednesday, November 11th he had surgery on said hip, by Dr. Bradley Williams, in Cottonwood, Arizona.
I arrived to be with Lee in his recovery and let his buddies head home to Austin.
Grandpa and Grandma stayed behind to hold down the fort and take care of the kiddos.
Aunt Jean was at the ready, in case G'pa and G'pa needed a break.
Church family and friends kept us in their hearts and prayers.
Friday, November 13th, we left Cottonwood and drove 2 hours south to Phoenix. We stayed overnight.
Lee was administered to by a wonderful woman, named Ann from the Central Phoenix Community of Christ on Saturday morning before we left.
Saturday, November 14th, we flew home via Southwest Airlines--a non-stop!
Saturday night, he ran a fever that topped out at 101*----if it hadn't subsided, we'd have been back in a hospital in Austin.
Lee, taking one of many naps.
A pin, two large screws, and a smaller screw. Dr. Williams said he had the bones of a 20-something. Very good news!
The view out our 2nd story window of Verde Valley Medical Center.

This is the Cliff's Notes version of our stay in Cottonwood. I'm sure I'll be giving the finer points of some things that happened and his recovery here at home.
Thanks to everyone for their prayers and good wishes!!


  1. it's pretty common for there to be a little fever when you've been invaded like Lee has, I'm glad it broke, no need for any further hospital anything!! xo

  2. Glad you're home - continued prayers for a quick recovery!

  3. Good to hear you are safely home. Let's hope it''s a speedy recovery from here on!

  4. I hope Lee has a speedy recovery. Glad to hear you are both "safely" back home.

  5. I'm glad y'all are home! I hope he will feel better soon!

  6. Wow, what an ordeal! But I am so glad you are both home now. I pray he heals quickly.

  7. Very happy both of you make it home ok. Hope the recovery goes well! JD

  8. Well, I sort of like collecting x-rays so you have a seriously cool start on that! But he'll never catch up with Evil Kenevil so tell him not to try!

  9. Ack! Crazy! Those x-rays are just bone-chilling....oops. sorry! They bring up too many bad memories. gah!

    I'm glad you're back home, though and I hope your hubby heals he can get back out and ride again.
    Might want to buy some hair color to cover all that grey hair you're going to get. lol!