Saturday, November 21, 2009

Single, Working Mother

In order to have any clue what you are looking at, be sure to click on the picture.
Well, it looks like my newest camera takes pictures that are not compatible with the Blogger "click to enlarge" thingy.
In the very center of this pic is a beige thing--it's an egg sac.
Just touching the egg sac is something lime green--it's the spider.
Just below the spider is a honeybee. The primary thing you are able to see is the bee's head.
I've been watching this green, female Lynx spider guard her egg sac for a couple weeks now. It wasn't until a few days ago that I figured out how she was feeding herself. She never seemed to loose touch with that sac. It looks like she hunts, but very close to home.
Lynx spiders, while they have some webbing, are hunters. They don't lay in wait on the edge of a web and hope something flies through it. Instead, they wander about and spring on unsuspecting prey. She is cousins with another hunter, the Wolf spider. It's funny how we humans give some animals, insects and plants common names that make the most sense to us. Lynx and wolves hunt for a living, as do these spiders. We gave the little venomous spider I spoke about here, another human characteristic--Black Widow. Somehow, the praying mantis didn't manage to get a descriptive name that goes along with the female's tendency to eat the male after mating. Maybe someone saw the praying pose they strike, long before someone witnessed the eating of Mr. Mantis.
It's rained the last two days. I haven't been out to check on Mrs. Lynx spider. I'm hoping her egg sac has hatched and she and her little ones have gone into dryer places.

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