Friday, November 27, 2009

A Second Chance

Just over 2 years ago, Lee and I were in Hawaii to help celebrate my niece, LeAnn's, wedding.
There, to walk her down the 'aisle' on the beach of North Shore, Oahu, was my brother.
I posted, just last week, that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. The diagnosis was based solely on a PET scan. The spots on his lung had popped up since his last scan 3 months ago. They are quite large for something that wasn't there 3 months ago.
They are located in the place that most lung cancers appear.
The doctors were quite positive that they were looking at cancer and would have gone in to remove them, if my brother's lung function was high enough to withstand surgery. It wasn't.
Instead, they decided to do a biopsy just as a formality. The biopsy landed him in the hospital for 3 days because of a collapsed lung.
What is astounding, is that the biopsy came back clean for cancer.
I was just wrapping my mind around the idea that my brother would be in for an horrific regimen of chemo and radiation in the next year and might die anyway. Then I called on the day after his biopsy and his wife said his tests were negative.
Prayers answered, a miracle, whatever you'd like to call it. I was blown away.
I couldn't believe it.
I still can't.

Instead of heading toward the sunset of his life, he has gotten a second chance. A chance to breathe easier, a chance to laugh longer, a chance to play with grandkids more, a chance to snuggle his wife for many more years, a chance to get to know his father even better,
a chance to......

I hope he doesn't waste his second chance supporting a habit that could take it all away from him for real. Second chances only happen once.

I love you, JTF. Please don't waste this gift.


  1. What wonderful news. I wonder if perhaps the habit you mention could be smoking. I hope it isn't to presumptuous to recommend a book - I read the Easy way to stop smoking by Allen Carr a few years ago, it worked and I haven't looked back.

  2. True fact, I hope he doesn't waste his chance either. We can all hope can't we!

  3. Fantastic! That is so wonderful to hear.