Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miniature Melancholy

Do you see this delightful duo? Their names are Reggie and Pete. They belong to my blogging friend, Danni over at On My Way to Critter Farm. First off, she needs to change the name of her blog to Critter Farm or Arrived at Critter Farm or How to Make Your Friends Without So Many Critters Jealous, Farm. Something along those lines. She started out with just her spunky dog, Roxie and a good natured hubby and son when she moved to her place in Oregon. Now she has chickens, llamas, a donkey and Pete and Reggie, the miniature goats.

I am madly in love with these tiny goats. Danni seems to bring out the best in her goat boys and they shower her with love any time she's around them.
I want some! I want two. Just two. They won't take up much room. They don't require much housing---certainly nothing like a big barn or something. I can trim their hooves myself. They can eat the 4 acres of thigh high grass we have. We'd save gas on the riding mower. Heck, I wouldn't even need the 56 inch, zero-turn radius mower I've been lusting after for years. Goat--$40-$75. Riding Mower of my dreams--$2,000-$10,000.
Okay, so there's a couple things hanging up the purchase of goats. 1. Lee--enough said. 2. My HOA only lets us have horses. Maybe I could convince them that two little goats would hardly be noticeable? I think they are afraid of that slipperly slope of "well, if you get two miniature goats, then Mrs. So and So will want two full size goats and then she'll want four full size goats...." You see where that is going?
Enter miniature possibility number two. They are horses. That settles the HOA problem. My friend, DD, has two. They are impossibly sweet and funny and silly and naughty. They make her laugh every day. They call to her when she's outside. Of course we'd like to think they are calling because they love her with all their little hearts. She and I both know they are calling because she is the Treat Queen. The poor things get watermelon in the dead of summer. They get ice cubes. They get carrots. Really, what don't they get? :) She has one that is really more dog-like than horse-like. He didn't get the horsey memo that says he shouldn't like to be pet and brushed and get belly scratches. He will actually paw you like a dog does, if you quit petting him. What's not to love about that?!
When I mentioned the idea to James the other day he said, "Why would we get horses that we couldn't ride?" Not that he would ever ride a horse, but he's been hanging around his daddy for 11 years and some of that common sense stuff has rubbed off on him. Remind me to limit their interaction.
Anyway, miniature horses are definite maybe. I'm just not lusting after them like I am of the goats and the next miniature on the list.
I really, really, really want miniature donkeys. Two. Can't have just one, as they are herd animals (as are horses and goats). I really, really, really can't have even one donkey.
Yes, they are technically equine, aka--horse family. My HOA would be hard pressed to make an issue of it. Where they would have sound footing would be with the noise pollution. Donkeys, no matter how happy, have this thing called a bray. It sounds a bit like a giant goose choking on something----at 85 decibels. They also don't care if it's 3:00 in the afternoon or 3:00 in the morning. Braying is just what they do. I don't know why they do it, but I do know it would wake my neighbors if they were sleeping. It would wake Lee, too. He's the one I'd really have to worry about.
Needless to say, I won't be getting any donkeys.

Right now, I won't be getting any of the above. You see, Lee has been smart enough not to fence the 4 acres. He is a smart man. That's one of the reasons I love him. He is the smartest, however, when it comes to me and animals. He knows darn, good and well that if he fences the property, 4-legged things would magically appear within its boundaries.

And so I must close, feeling melancholy. Why do I want miniatures? The cute factor plays very large in my 'want'. I've always wanted a lot of acreage with lots of animals. In my own time with full size horses, I realize that they are....well, they're big. They can do you harm without even meaning to. I still want the animals that I've always wanted, just not so big. Thus, the miniature part of the equation comes in.

Maybe Santa will help me out. I wonder if elves can put up fence, build a pretty little shelter, and run a water line out to my pasture? I wonder if miniature horses can fit in a sleigh?


  1. That was so funny, pulling up your blog this morning and seeing Pete and Reggie smiling at me. :-)
    Such HANDSOME boys!
    Aw, CeeCee, I wish so much for you to get your donkey...or some small goats..or maybe even a mini horse or two. Animals bring such joy, as you know. I hope Lee sees the complete wisdom and logic in your plea. Let me know if you need any help. :-)

  2. Shoot...you can just claim that you didn't know any better and you thought that whatever critter you have was a horse...no prob at all!

  3. My HOA doesn't allow anything but two horses either. But two of my neighbors each more than 3 horses and when I went around and asked my neighbors if they'd mind me having goats, sheep, llamas and chickens, even roosters, noone complained or said no. The only stipulation they had was no cows, no pigs and sadly...no donkeys.

    Seriously, CeeCee, you are so sweet and supportive of Lee's potentially dangerous hobby, not to mention expensive and time consuming hobby of mountain biking, that Lee should be more open minded with your dreams and desires of having your own hobby, which is taking care of your own little menagerie of farm animals.

    Be more assertive with Lee about your heart's desires, CeeCee.


  4. You get Santa in on the deal and you Know who can build the fence, the structure etc! hehehe, Good Luck CeeCee, hehehe. :)

  5. Minature horse could even PULL a sleigh! And I've even seen them used like guide dogs. They had little tennis shoes made for the horse, so it wouldn't hurt flooring anywhere with its hooves. Wouldn't that be sooooo cool?? It was incredibly cute. Hope you get your little horsie babies sometime!