Monday, November 9, 2009

It Was Bound to Happen Sometime

Lee gets his exercise on a mountain bike.
It gives him many things. Primarily it gives him the opportunity to relax his brain from the computer world and focus on uphill and downhill and rocks and sand and trees and cactus. No customers wanting his head on a plate out on the bike. No phone calls to take.
Plus he gets to hang out with the guys. Lee is first and foremost, a family-time sort of guy. I'm glad he allows himself some "me" time. I feel like it's important and I encourage it.

Mountain biking is a very technical sport. If you don't know what you're doing, you can be seriously injured. A few years ago, he went with a bunch of buddies to Moab, Utah for a week long bike trip. The very first day, within a half hour of starting the ride, one of the guys in his group took a header over his handlebars. Life Flight was called. He'd broken two vertebrae in his neck. The man was pretty new to the sport and they were in a place that looked harmless. He had come down a small hill and hit a patch of sand. The bike stopped, he didn't. The guy ended up okay in a "not paralyzed" sort of way. He had to have the bones fused in his neck. He doesn't go on mountain biking trips anymore.
Needless to say, I spent a bit of time wondering how that man's wife was doing when it all happened. What a fun phone call to get.

"Hi Mary, how are you?

"Oh, it's pretty good here. We've got some great weather today for riding."

"Hey listen, John had a little bit of an accident and wanted me to call you."

"Why didn't he call? Well, they said something about him not being able to talk on his cell phone in the helicopter because of transmission or something."

"Why is he in a helicopter? Well, I said he had an accident. It's just that they couldn't get an ambulance down the ravine we were in, way out in the desert."

"Is he going to be okay? Sure, I'll bet he's going to be just fine once he can move his legs again."

"Mary, are you there? Mary?"

Accidents can and will happen. I really have always prepared myself for a phone call. Either from him or one of his buddies. He is forever scratched, scraped, and bruised. Luckily he has never broken (knock on wood). Yesterday was no exception. I got this picture yesterday from Sedona, Arizona. No phone call, just a picture with a little computer smiley face next to it.
It turns out cheeks pop right open when they come in contact with bicycle parts or knees---he doesn't know which it was. He said the worst part of this little debacle was cactus spines. He landed in a cactus as a reward for not keeping his bike in an upright position. "That's what took so long at the emergency room. It took them forever to pull out all the spines."
Good thing I reminded him to take his insurance card.
He says the bruising has set in this morning. A badge of valor for a bike rider.

You'd think I would say that it's time to stop such nonsense and take up walking at the mall or something. Not gonna happen. If you look back at the picture, you'll see a light in his eye. It's a light that is only there when he's with his buddies skiing or biking. It makes me happy to see that light. He works so very hard for our family. He works wwwaaaayyyy more than a 40 hour week. He deserves the downtime for his brain and body and heart.

Have a good day honey. Stay on the bike and out of the cactus.
Love, CeeCee


  1. I cant see the picture for some reason, but let me just say that you had me on the edge of my seat...Im glad that hes okay and it was just a minor injury.
    Its nice to have something like his mountain biking that allows him to unwind and be himself. And even more so that you are so accepting of it. Im sure this means a lot to him.

  2. Well, I've been told by two different people that Lee's picture just shows up as a little Lego-looking thing with a question mark in it.
    I'll keep trying. His cut isn't gory and he looks happy, despite his injury.

  3. I see the picture! And, yes, there's a definite twinkly light in his eyes. :-)
    Sure glad he's ok. Boys will be boys, won't they? Jim's latest thing to make him glow are chainsaws of various sizes. lol

  4. Awwww, he does have a happy smile, but I'm glad he wasn't more seriously injured. This post sort of explains why you were a follower of Fat Cyclist. I had no idea Lee was a mountain biker. But Lee's passion for biking explains a little of why Fat Cyclist is so obsessed with riding his bike all the time.
    I suppose there is risk with anything. And I suppose I should just get over my fears of riding my horse again and just live my life, but I can't shake how difficult it was for my family after my injuries this year and how worried they were about me. They've never said for me not to ride and even encourage me to try again, but my own Mother died when I was only 8 yrs old and it affected me so deeply that I just don't want my family to go through what I went through.


  5. He does look very happy in that picture! And I'm really glad he wasn't hurt any worse than he was. I don't know, but I'd guess those cactus spines may have hurt worse than the cut on his face! You're a wonderful and smart wife to encourage his passion - even if it does worry you sick at times. I try to do the same with Bernie, and it's not easy. I am such a worrier. But I try to do it quietly ;-)

    HA! My WV is quillo - quills are similar to cactus spines, don't you think?

  6. Oh, cactus! Makes me hurt to think about it!

  7. Cripes - men and boys aye, they will be the death of us all :)

    Glad he is ok in a not so ok way LOL