Tuesday, November 17, 2009

...Is Grateful That

When you post on Facebook, all sentences/status' begin with your name. You follow that with an "is". Example: CeeCee is taking Lee to the orthopedists here in Austin this morning.

Yesterday's Facebook post said,
"CeeCee is grateful that Pearl did not need surgery."

I kid you not---yesterday, we thought Pearl would be undergoing surgery to remove her appendix.
She woke up at 3am with a screaming stomach ache. Not one that makes you feel like throwing up, but one that feels like someone stabbed you with a knife.
The pain moved and took up residence in her lower, right belly by 8am. I took her to our family doctor, who sent us right on our way to the ER.

After much bloodwork, 2 bags of saline, several pokings of her belly and a CT scan, they admitted her.
Her white cell count was way up, but the pain was subsiding. By mid-afternoon, she felt okay. Still the white cell count bothered the surgeon, but her CT scan showed a normal appendix and she never ran a fever.

Pearl was a trooper through it all. She is not a fan of needles in any way, shape or form and she got her first IV. Not a good time for her. :)

I officially came unglued when they admitted her. We were led to believe that the admission was short term and they were going to reevaluate before dinner time. When they started mentioning "tomorrow morning", I got on the phone. I called a wonderful woman from church that is a Nurse Practitioner and then called our Family doctor-----"Do they really need to keep her if she feels fine???!!!"
Both ladies assured me that what was happening was the way it should be and to calm down. I was just feeling like a hostage at that point and I needed them to tell me otherwise.

Finally, at 7:30 last night, the doctor relented and let us go home. I promised to bring her right back if she flared up again. She had no desire to spend the night in the hospital, and neither did I. Plus, Lee was in need of someone to help him get things done.

Pearl felt bad that we'd "wasted a whole day for nothing and I wasn't really sick." I just kept reminding her of that old cliche'--Better safe, than sorry.
All the doctors involved really thought she had appendicitis. Thankfully, her surgeon chose not to rush into things and waited it out.

I think I may need a nap, though. We've had enough excitement for one week.


  1. I'm so glad that Pearl is okay! Get some rest!

  2. I'm glad Pearl's ok and Lee's healing. You must be so tired.

  3. Oh my! I think the universe needs to throw you a break. Glad to hear Pearl (and Lee) are ok. Thinking of you guys...

  4. My word! The old saying "it never rains but it pours" comes to mind! Glad Pearl is okay, and hope things quiet WAY DOWN for you guys!!! everybody well! everybody fine and happy!!!

  5. Glad Pearl is okay! Sounds like you need a little time to unwind. Take a nice long bubble bath and then curl up with a good book.

  6. Oh CeeCee, what a bad stretch for you lately. I am so relieved Pearl is OK. But I wonder what it was? I pray, whatever it was, is gone and she doesn't have any more flair ups! I really hope things calm down for y'all now. I'm sure you are stressed beyond words.

  7. Hey Ceecee, I'm dropping by again to let you know I nominated you for one of those BEST BLOG AWARDS!

    You can read all about it at Rural Ramblings.

    Cheers! And here's to better days ahead for you and your family!

  8. How stressful! I hope everything continues getting better with Pearl and her WBC goes back to normal very soon and she has no more pain. I know you probably couldn't wait to get home but they probably just wanted to be careful because of her symptoms and lab results. Best wishes to you all!

  9. Holy cats! M & D just called and filled us in. Hope y'all catch a break one of these days! Tell Tom and James to be careful.

    ps You take care of yourself! Everyone knows the wheels come off if Mom gets sick!