Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Aunt Jean and James carving up the pumpkin. I got the job of 'gutting', since I'm primarily the eater of the seeds.
James chose our beloved home state as his design this year. He drew it free hand, which impressed me a great deal. I can't draw it on a flat piece of paper, let alone on a bumpy, round pumpkin.
Pearl, the zombie in PJs. Not so unlike how my kids behave when they've been to a sleepover---zombies all the next day.
James, the 6-armed man. No makeup, no crazy hair, no hat. Just "a guy with six arms, mom."
Tom, as Woody from Toy Story. His girlfriend, Kay, went as Bo Peep. There's a picture of the two of them somewhere (I've seen it on Facebook!), but it's not in our computer.
This is Tom's favorite look these days when having his picture taken--silly. He seems to be so happy these days. He's especially happy in this picture, because he's been fighting a college application deadline. He finally finished on Saturday. Just in the nick of time. It was those darn essays that were holding him up. Now we wait.


  1. Everyone looks great! And Pearl and I are zombie buddies! I tell ya, as early as I had to get up on Saturday morning (5am!) and get all the make-up and then drive to the trail ride, I should have just worn jammies, too. (I actually did wear my purple fleece bathrobe as a's rather like a Snuggie! lol!)

    Ya know, I am always impressed with state pride of Texans as I drive through your state. The Texas Lone Star is everywhere you look, especially on gates. Heck, even when we stayed in a Texas hotel a couple years ago, they had a waffle iron that made the shape of Texas, too! lol!

    I suppose I should do more for Texas Pride as I was born there in Corpus Christi, but my heart belongs to New Mexico now. :)

    I'm glad you all had a wonderful Halloween. We've yet to carve our own pumpkins because of how busy we've been and the snow.


  2. The six-arm man's costume turned out really well. I was hoping we would get to see it modeled. Thank you.

  3. Wow! Nice work on Texas, James!
    And Zombies!! We *adore* zombies in this house...have entire dinner time conversations about zombies, zombie movies, the safety of our house should a zombie attack occur, etc., etc., etc.
    Pearl should come for a visit. :-)

  4. Very nice costumes. Your 6-armed outfit turned out well. Nice pumpkins too. I'm impressed at all the creativity!

  5. how'd you cook your pumpkin seeds? We still have ours and I love eating them!!

  6. CLASSIC costumes! Zombie in robe and pj's? Even George Romero couldn't have come up with that! The six-armed man looks great. Where is Tom's six-shooter? I'll get him one for Christmas.