Friday, November 6, 2009

God and Dog and Brother-in-Law

A month or so ago, my brother-in-law sent me a video. I shared it with you because it touched me so.
I am the consummate dog person. I love dogs. I think they hung the moon. My dogs sleep with us. I feel like their love for me is pretty darn close to that of God. Sacrilege, I know. It's just how I feel. They love me when no one else does. Even when I don't love myself!

After that post, I received this coffee cup in the mail. It was anonymous. At first I thought maybe the author of the poem/song might have sent it to me because I linked her site to mine. Then it occurred to me that she doesn't know my real name and address. Then I thought of my sister, Jean. She said no, she hadn't sent it.

Then I thought of JD, my BIL. He'd sent me the original post and I wondered if he would send me a cup without attaching his name to it. I called his house and talked my SIL, Joanne. She didn't know. Of course, that's not unusual if you've been married 30 years. Lee and I often do things that the other has no idea about. Nothing sneaky, we just have our own circles that don't include the other one.

Anyway, I finally cornered JD via email when I checked on he and Joann regarding a record early snowfall they had (they live out west). He confirmed that yes, he had indeed, sent me the cup.
How sweet was that!!
This cup is special on so many levels. Mostly because JD thought enough of me to send me something for no reason at all. Something that has meaning to me.
The cup is being handwashed. I wouldn't want my darned old hard water to etch off the picture and the saying. Also because a little cup holds more than coffee---it holds a message of love.

Love you too, JD.
Thanks for my little white cup and thanks for the love.


  1. That was SO Sweet of him! What a wonderful way to make someone's day. You've got a pretty cool brother-in-law!

  2. Thanks CeeCee! Beautiful post and glad you like the mug.