Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When You Ask a Question, Be Prepared for the Answer

By now, most moms have asked the annual question---"What do you want to be for Halloween this year?" What most of them really mean is---"Let's head down to Party City to see what you want to be for Halloween."

I always, always forget that second one. The first one pops out of my mouth before I know what's happened.
Below, you see the answer to the first question.

"What do you want to be for Halloween this year, James?"

"A Six-Armed Man. You know the kind where I move my arms and the other arms move too?"

(me, backpeddling!!) "Oh, did you see that on the internet somewhere? Maybe on the Party City website?"

"No, I figured you could make it."

"Let's look and see if there's something like it on the Party City website."

Of course there wasn't.
The trouble is, I can't sew a button on a shirt. Let alone make a costume. I knew we'd need 3 old shirts. I knew I'd need to affix the extra arms to the shirt somehow. As of Sunday, I was feeling very much like this was not possible.
Today, my creative juices kicked in and I found a way to jury rig the entire thing. Story of my life. There is not, however, any duct tape or zip ties involved.

I simply the tops and bottoms off the 2 extra shirts, cut two holes on either side of the plaid shirt, and wove the 'arms' through the holes.
Then I hand stitched them in place. I may or may not cut off the extra t-shirt stuff from inside the plaid shirt.
All that's left is to stuff the extra sleeves with tissue paper, blow up some latex gloves to attach them to the ends, run a string through each side and voila'--6 armed man!
Oh, I guess James will have to provide the top two arms and the 'man' to this costume.


  1. You gotta show us this thing in action too!

    Ok...so here's an idea for next year...this guy is nuts and does all sorts of awesome stuff...

  2. Bella's going to be a bumble bee... I wonder what party city has for her mommy and daddy :) I thought about being a flower and Ryan being a bee hive but how would we make those?? I have no creativity these days! Go James for being SUPER creative and go Aunt CeeCee for making it happen!!

  3. lol! Awesome creativity! This remind me of the year I dressed up my trio as bugs. Jenna was a lady bug, Jeremiah was a praying mantis and Jackson was an 8-legged spider. Both required me to buy black or green tights, stuff them with tissue paper and them connect them together with fishing line. Was rather simple really and fun to make. And the last time my boys have worn pantyhose. lol!

    We rarely ever buy store-bought costumes either, except this year my kids wanted to be ghouls and specifically wanted to wear masks, so we stopped off at the Family Dollar and found two cool masks and black capes for under $8.00 each total. Gotta love that!


  4. Hey CeeCee,

    I replied to your comment you left me today, over at my blog. Just wanted you to know :)