Saturday, October 24, 2009

One of the Coolest Girls I Know

I think I've posted this picture of Pearl before. It was taken on our trip to Washington, DC.
It truly captures her silly side. She has her quiet times, just like any of us, but she's a hoot when she's feeling silly. What's great, is that even though she's 15 now, she's not afraid to be who she really is. That, in turn, allows her friends to be honest about who they are as well.
The other day, she posted on Facebook that she had a Spongebob Squarepants song stuck in her head all through her Geometry class. It turns out there is no age limit to loving Spongebob. All her friends chimed in that they 'love that song' or 'Spongebob rocks' or 'I like this other song better'.
I let her know that such knowledge is useful, as most colleges are now requiring "the words to two Spongebob songs" on their applications. It's too bad her darned old big brother has me thinking about college applications night and day. :)

She's also a budding photographer. I think many teens are these days. Digital photography makes it easy to enjoy. She has dozens of self portraits making all sorts of faces. Most of them silly.
Here's she's captured one of the last cicadas of the season. We had a hatch of them and it seemed like they were everywhere. Every time I'd get near one with a camera, it would fly away.

I looked at this picture for a long time, wondering what it was she was trying to capture. I finally decided it was a pic of her shoes. Her beloved Converse. She has several pairs of shoes, but these are the favorites. She found out recently that her little brother had worn them because, "You never wear this pair anymore." Maybe this picture was proof that, yes she does!

She recently spent a week at home, sick. By week's end, she was distraught. She missed her friends and was sick to death of hanging out and watching stupid television or messing around on the computer. While I'll hate to see this kiddo go, I have a feeling that college will be far, far away. She's okay with being away and that makes me feel like a million dollars. She's willing to discover what else there is in this world besides Austin, Texas. I hope she picks someplace cool, so I can go visit!


  1. You definitely have cool kids. I love hearing about them and their adventures!

  2. THE COOLEST 15 year old I've Ever known! Wahooo! I get to be the aunt, it's been fun all along the way! I'm waiting to see where in the world she'd like to adventure first, hoping I can tag along. She's going to be an adventurer like her aunt jean, hopefully with a little more direction ;).

  3. Yes, you definitely have cool kids, but it's also fun and neat that you realize they are cool and enjoy them for who they are. I'm sure they're thrilled not to have an old "fuddy duddy" sort of mother, cause yeah, you're pretty cool too!

  4. Come to Wisconsin pearl!! I'd love to see you! Oh but really Hawaii is a beautiful place and you could study on the beach :) Now that's the life!