Thursday, October 8, 2009

A New Holiday

From this day forward, I declare October 4th to be:
Sisters Day!

It may include all women in your life that are blood sisters, or women that you consider a sister--a BFF (best friend forever). As my own sister, Jean says, "A friend is someone who will help you move. A best friend is someone who will help you move the body." Morbid and silly, I know, but those of you with sisters such as I've described will know what I'm talking about.

Don't you just love my Giada DeLaurentis smile? I don't normally smile like that, but Jean and I were caught in the middle of a private sister moment and were yucking it up about something.

Jean's invention of Sister Day came on the perfect day. I'd had a long week and it was shaping up to end badly. In she walked with goat cheese, slices of pear and apple and two kinds of amazing crackers. She'd also brought along a copy of Southern Living magazine because she thought the cover just looked like me and something I'd make--pumpkin cake that looked like pumpkins. She knows me so well.
Her intervention lightened my mood and enabled me to work out the thing that was going to make the week end badly.

So to wrap up:

* Sisters Day is henceforth on October 4th.

* It must include women that you consider sisters, blood or otherwise.

* It must include yummy food and mood-lightening conversation.

* It may or may not include magazines that your sister might not buy for herself because she just doesn't do nice things like that for herself.

* You may or may not share the yummy food with others that might be nearby, like children and husbands. It's up to you.

* Hugs and kisses are a must. Both are preferable.
*You may have more than one "sister", but not so many as to make this holiday like many others---stressful.

* If you happen to have a blood sister, that isn't a real 'sister', then just let October 4th slide right on by. Life is too short to make more family drama.

* If Hallmark catches wind of this, let it be known that Jean is the author of this holiday and therefore gets 98% of all card and silly tiny book sales.

*If you just so happen to be 'sick' on Sisters Day and need to recuperate with your sister over lunch and a movie, then so be it.

* If you happen to be 'sick' for a long weekend and need to recuperate with a bunch of sisters on a trip, then so be it.

Thank you Jean! I so look forward to next year. I'll bring the goodies!
Love, CeeCee


  1. My friend Virginia and her sister who lives half way across the country make it a point to get together for a sister holiday every year. It is a multi-day event which they call Sistavus. I'm sure they'd share that nomenclature with you if you desired. I have no sisters but many great sisters-in-law. We have our annual time together on Thanksgiving Day evening up at the Ranch. We spirit ourselves off with wine, crackers, cheese and chocolate....preferrably down by the river with a campfire if the weather cooperates. Spouses and kids are FORBIDDEN!! I tried to get them to adopt the name Sistavus but they thought it sounded like a disease of the venereal persuasion. You and Jean are so lucky to have each other.

  2. Oh dear, I wish I'd had more notice. I totally missed it this year. I hate that.
    It sounds like you guys had an absolutely perfect time - I love the picture of you two smiling, whoever it is you think you look like, I think you just look very happy!

  3. Yay! I accidentally celebrated the Sister Holiday on Oct 4 too! Well, it wasn't an accident that my sister visited us that weekend, but I didn't even know you had declared it a Sister Holiday! I LOVE that picture. You are so pretty and happy looking in that picture!

  4. What a beautiful photo of us CeeCee! I'd like a hard copy please! See you tomorrow :) love, sis

  5. Aunt Cee Cee, this is a beautiful picture of the two of you... I need a copy! I do love your smile in this picture, it's a true from the heart kind of smile and that's an incredible thing. I love it!!

  6. That picture is definitely a keeper! Like framed and put where you can see it a lot. Nice new holiday there, and glad you enjoyed it. What a blessing when something happens to perk us up when we're feeling kind of down.