Tuesday, October 20, 2009

May I Help You?

This little girl is a Gulf Coast Toad. She's almost as big as my palm. She is an eating machine. She spends all night gobbling up crickets, snails, earwigs, beetles and other bothersome insects.

Unfortunately, she and her fellow toads, have to run a gauntlet every night. My idiot dog, Smokie, has decided that they deserve to be harassed.
These toads, secrete a milky substance from their backs that causes extreme salivation/foaming from any predator that is silly enough to pick them up.

Enter, Smokie.

Unfortunately, instead of learning her lesson, she has taken it dog-onally (is that a word?--personally?). Because her first encounter caused her 30 minutes of thick, sticky, salivating, she now has it out for all of them. What she fails to realize, is that they will win every time. She can never hold one in her mouth long enough to kill it. That doesn't keep her from trying.

The vet tells me certain dogs do the same thing with skunks and porcupines. There can be two or more dogs in a household, but it's always the same dog from the bunch that keeps getting in trouble. In our house, Mandy couldn't give two hoots about the toads. She might follow one around for a bit, but she doesn't pick them up. Smokie just can't get over that little bully living in her backyard and is bent on killing it.
She's 'book-smart' but just has no common sense.

Toad 58, Smokie-0


  1. Oh yes. One dog's toad is another three mutts' skunk. Idiots. All three of mine. They'll never learn.

  2. I wonder if the tingling and salivating experience becomes addictive for some dogs, too?

    That toad sure is cute! Love 'em!


  3. I'm more in shock by the quality of this picture. Did you take it? Email me if so, I want to know what kind of camera you're using. This is awesome!

  4. Robin, I'm so glad my dogs don't have access to skunks! I don't know how you ever get that smell off yourself once you've cleaned them up.

    Lisa, interesting idea. Makes sense. Maybe it's like salsa?

    Sarah, your camera probably has the ability to take the same sort of picture. There should be a tiny flower somewhere on your controls. Press it, and then get within a few inches of your subject and just click. It should turn out.