Thursday, October 15, 2009

Best Birthday. Ever.

My birthday was the first week in October.
What made it the best birthday ever?
I believe it was the lack of drama that usually surrounds birthdays---"What do you want, where do you want to eat, we can't eat then because so-and-so it busy then, does it fit, what sort of cake do you want, etc."

What made it work this year, was that it was a bit of a secret. It sort of snuck up on us. James was leaving for a school sponsored 3-day camping trip on the morning of my birthday. We all just decided to celebrate it during the weekend instead. We really wanted to focus on giving James a good farewell so he wouldn't feel like he might be missing something.

My birthday dawned, and we got James off to camp. I figured that was that, until Saturday. Nope.
I got a "fly over" sort of birthday.
I got hugs and kisses and a book from Lee (Lost Symbol--still reading it---good so far). I got a big love from Pearl with the promise of a gift by Saturday. Tom surprised me with one of those musical cards that played "Chicken Dance" and some chocolates. My wonderful in-laws taped a card with a gift certificate in it to the front door. Lee and I missed them when he took me to lunch.
And that was that. I loved it! Not one hassle! I basked in the easiness of it all.

The next day, my girlfriend, DD, took me to lunch at our new favorite restaurant in town.

Saturday, we drove just 9 miles to one of my favorite pizza places. My sister, Jean (who gifted me earlier in the week) and my in-laws joined us. Nothing fancy--just the way I like it!
We came back home to enjoy a homemade cheesecake, courtesy of my amazing MIL. She volunteered the cake--I didn't even have to choose it.

The little chicken family you see in the picture is from Pearl. She made the hen last year. The hen got chick and rooster to join her this year. She got a new paint job, too. It's so cool to have an artist in the family. She must get it from Jean. Lee and I can't even draw stick people.

So, it seems that the perfect birthday for me is one that doesn't require much of anything. Just a day of acknowledgement, hugs, kisses and thoughtfulness. Diamonds and fancy dinners are not required. In fact, they're frowned upon.

Thank you to everyone who made this year, the best birthday--ever.


  1. Happy birthday. The chickens are adorable!

  2. I'm glad you had a great birthday! Happy late Birthday! I love the chicken family! So cute!

  3. sounds like a fabulous day, just as you deserve!! We love you!

  4. Oh, your sweet chicken family is absolutely perfect. Did she make those out of Sculpey? I bet you can't even peek at those guys without smiling.
    Glad your birthday was just the way you wanted - that's how all birthdays should be!
    Belated birthday greetings from Oregon. :-)

  5. Wow, sounds like an awesome birthday to me!
    I got the fly-over, too.

    My kids helped me eat a store-bought slice of cake, my stepmom and Dad sent me a $20 check and my hubby, still on the road, forgot my birthday altogether. Pretty simple, I'd say. LOL!

    Those chickens are the cutest! Pearl ought to go into business selling them. I for one, would buy a trio for sure!

    Happy Belated Birthday to you, my friend!