Sunday, September 20, 2009

Please Mac, Please!

My beloved iMac is at the Apple store.
I hated him when Lee brought him home. I was a PC girl. The Mac was NOT user friendly at first because he spoke a foreign language. Over time, I came to appreciate his language much the way women swoon over men speaking Italian or French or Spanish. We made beautiful pictures together, calendars, newsletters, and along the way I began to blog. On his 26 inch screen we watched YouTube, home movies, television shows, and movie trailers. His sleek design and clean lines took up far less room than my old PC. He was ssooooo much cooler than my PC--literally. No heat coming out of the big box that houses all computer knowledge.

My Mac and I became very close, but as often happens, he stepped out on me. Well really, he went out on me. He and I would be deep in conversation with a website and he'd just stop paying attention to me. He'd turn himself off and refuse to be turned back on. He no longer wanted to go the places I wanted to go. Sometimes he'd just freeze up and ignore all my pleadings with the 'escape' key and the 'ctrl/alt/delete' combination. He was constantly unavailable to me.

Lee decided that he is tired of fixing the problems that Mac and I continue to have. He took him in to the Apple store. Of course, once there, Mac performed perfectly. He was lovely in conversation with all the people that spoke to him and all the places they wanted to see. It wasn't until Lee grilled him over and over on a certain subject that he gave up and shut down on the Apple people.

Mac is sneaky though. He kept all his negative feelings to himself. Any diagnosics they tried to get him to reveal his true feelings, fell flat. They said they would have to keep him as an in-patient to get to the bottom of why he's shutting me out.

Lee is ready to give up on Mac. Lee doesn't love Mac like I do. In fact, Lee hates Mac because of the troubles he's caused. Lee would just rather I take back up with a PC and forget Mac ever came into our lives.

Please Mac, let them help you! Let them fix you. I miss you so much. All my memories are with you. All my photos. All the lightening fast access to the places we love to visit so much. My office is so empty without you. My heart is so full of things I want to share with my blog and I can't do it without you. You missed Pearl's birthday!! She loves you too! I'm begging you to reveal what they can do to help you open up again.

All my love,

PS...Did I say I missed you??


  1. I'm sorry about Mac! I do hope they can fix him up and get him back to you!

  2. Turn the dam thing into mac and cheese lol

    I lost everything on my old computer last year when it crashed and the shop accidently deleted every photo... 3 years worth of our life....


  3. I just got a Mac and am trying to get used to it after being a pc user for many years. I too love the lightning fast speed, no tower heating up at my feet, and not having to worry if I'll get a virus that will shut down my computer. I sure hope they can fix Mac and get him back up and running.

  4. Poor Mac. I can't help but wonder if you might have unintentionally said or typed something that really hurt his feelings? I mean, to just clam up like that and refuse to even talk about it with a 3rd party intervention? Maybe you need to attend a few sessions with him to see if they can get to the bottom of his sudden cold shoulder?

  5. Sounds like an addiction, CeeCee. Is there a 7-step program or something for Mac users, or something? lol!

    Sure hope Mac can get his act together soon. Just like those frou frou foreign men, Mac's can be fickle, too. lol!


  6. I once had Mac's cousin Macbook and he was definitely kin to Mac...very sneaky indeed but terribly hard to get along with out. I decided to clone Macbook and got Macbook, Jr.!

  7. I am a Mac girl through and through. I have an imac at work and a macbook at home. Love love love them. I find that if you can't seem to find the problem, back up and reinstall the system disks....solves the problems 99% of the time. Even if it is a pain.