Sunday, September 6, 2009

Birthday Boy

Saturday was James' 11th birthday.  So why are there two pictures and two different desserts?
Friday, we had the best buddies over for a sleepover and swimming.  Nathan, Ty and Jackson all came prepared to 'sleep out' on the trampoline.  
I was excited that they might actually get to do it, as I spent half my summers sleeping in the backyard at my house or my friend's houses. Of course, sleeping was often optional in favor of running loose in the neighborhood until midnight.  Fruit trees would be raided, trees would be TP'd, and doorbells would be rung.  If there would have been cell phones, we'd probably have made crank calls.  Then again it's not so fun with caller ID. 
The trampoline was the perfect set up for the boys.  No tent stakes needed to be driven into rock hard soil, no heat seeking snakes could invade, and fire ants would probably stay on the ground.  Mosquitos and cicadas were about all that would bother them.  Oh, and the occasional serenade from the local coyote pack.  There was even a full moon.

Except for the lightning bolts, thunder and rain!  We haven't had measurable rain since---I don't even remember and choose not to think about it.  On Saturday, a bit of humidity from Hurricane Jimena in the Pacific, mixed with our extreme heat and prompted a late day storm.  It lasted all of 8 seconds, but continued to threatened to blow up again as they often do.  The boys would have to sleep indoors.

Instead of roaming the neighborhood, they played hide-and-seek indoors, ate cookie cake, opened presents and swam in the pool between raindrops.  The rain cooled the air and the pool water, so they would spend time in the steam shower once out of the pool to "warm up".  Then back in the pool.  I think at some point, there was some Silly String involved.

For breakfast Lee and I made them bacon and pancakes.  They were soon back to their pool/steam shower routine and then their parents came.

Earlier in the week, he and Grandma made the traditional German Chocolate cake for his birthday.  She then froze the cakes until Saturday, when she frosted them.  
James' special guests for his "real birthday" were Grandma and Grandpa, and Lee's buddy from Dallas, Dave.  We had James' favorite pizza from Home Slice, cake and ice cream.  

He got more Lego kits (you can never, ever have too many!), a soccer jersey from his new favorite team (the French national team), too much money from Grandpa and Grandma, and a Wii soccer game.  Thank you, everyone!  A special thank you to Grandma, for keeping the German Chocolate cake tradition alive and letting James help.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT birthday - two celebrations and two cakes! German Chocolate is my absolute favorite and the one his grandmother made looks beautiful! I bet it tasted as good as it looks!

  2. It still sounds pretty fun!

    Happy Birthday James!!!

  3. Sounds like great birthday fun, happy birthday James! I love German Chocolate cakes and that one sure looks extra yummy!

  4. Some Birthdays Rock and Always when you're part of the Cox Clan as I see it! xo

  5. Awwwww, Happy Belated Birthday James! It sounds like you had a stellar birthday withy your friends and family.
    Just talk your Mama into letting you have a 1/2 birthday and then you can try another trampoline sleep-over again :)


  6. Aww happy birthday a bit late. Mine is the 6th so we were out celebrating on a jeb boat trip. Fun times. It sounds like James had a great fun time with his friends. Oh and that cookie cake? We used to give the kids these all the time. It was a kind of special treat from their dad....but I got to do the work of making them. I wonder how that works?