Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Musings of Color Theory

Today, I went through our old school supplies to see what we still need.
Every year, I vow to send last years surplus with the kids to school in the coming year.  Every year, I buy them new stuff. There's something wonderful about brand new crayons and markers and pencils.

One of the things I came across today, was the "bag of markers".  It represents at least two years worth of markers, if not more.  As I was going through them to see what still worked, I began to sort them into color families.  I then began to wonder why there were so few blues and so many purples and greens.  

I have several theories.
1.  Blue is often cited as many children's favorite color.  Maybe they use it more to color in basic items like houses and cars. 

2. Blue is the color of the sky.  The sky is big, thus coloring in the sky in pictures takes up lots of marker ink.

3. Green befuddled me.  I really like green, but that's just me.  Green is used in the coloring of grass and trees.  I would think those things would take up a lot of ink.

4. Purple.  I don't know one person who lists purple as their favorite color.  Although, there is a store at the Riverwalk in San Antonio that carries only purple items.  Somebody must like it.  I hardly ever use purple unless I'm coloring in flowers.  Flowers aren't very big, and so don't take much ink.

None of my theories take into account the loose/lost lid theory.  Simply put, ink dries up when the lid is missing.  

Obviously, this has no scientific basis, whatsoever.  I suppose it could.  Maybe there is someone out there right now, writing a Masters thesis on why some markers get used more than others.  If not, there should be.  I'd sleep better tonight knowing why the blue markers are so few in number.

Notice, I used blue as my font color.  A shout-out to my favorite color.


  1. Purple is my MIL favorite color. I love new markers and paper and stuff. Of course, I go and homeschool my son so we don't need to buy school supplies. Poo.

  2. I know why the blues are always gone...they taste better!

  3. Warren, what do they taste like?
    Christy, come on. Buy some new markers and crayons! Homeschooling will be so much better. :)

  4. It is nice to have brand new school supplies. But it would be great if the old ones were used up too. You may be right, there could be someone writing a study on this.

  5. Now you know someone who has purple as their favorite color - me!

    Interesting color theories BTW.