Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gratuitous Cuteness

The kids had a pretty good week settling back into the school routine. James loves his teachers. He had a bump in the road on Tuesday, but worked it out.
Pearl is still deciding about her week. High school is a pretty big shift from middle school. Friends in classes or not, nice teachers, boring teachers, teachers who really need to be doing something else and amazing teachers---all just part of the real world lessons she needs to have.
Tom is taking only 5 classes this year at school. He decided to take English online through Texas Tech "because I can", and he already had last hour off because he's a senior. Believe it or not, it's time to start applying to colleges.

All in all, it was a pretty smooth week for me as their mom. The first week of school has, in past years, been a booger. Luckily, Lee was here to help me. His company used to hold their yearly, week-long meeting, the exact same week as school starting. Any drama surrounding school fell squarely to me. Not anymore. Phew!

The picture choice was just one of pure cuteness. I found it while looking for another picture and couldn't resist. It is James with our first batch of chicks in October of 2004. That means our hens will soon be 5 years old and James will soon be 11.


  1. Yes. Very cute! Time flies, though. Wow.

    That's cool that Tom's taking classes through Texas Tech online. I have several friends who homeschool that have encouraged us to enroll our kids in the Texas Tech Homeschool program online, too. My hubby has researched it and has read excellent reviews about their program.

    We've already bought our curriculum for this year, but next year my twinlings will be in 8th grade and will probably enjoy doing their coursework via the computer. Another benefit is that if they do well, Texas Tech will open up their doors to them when they are ready for college. :)


  2. Time flies! That is a picture of cuteness! School's in here too...the verdict is still out...

  3. Cute picture! I can see why you posted it. Glad the first week of school went well for you and the kids. It seems time is just a blur these days!

  4. i LOVE "pure cuteness" pictures!!!
    James...what a sweetie pie.

  5. Oh yea...Aidan did a few online classes over the summer and it went really well. He loves working at his own pace!

  6. Oh yes, definitely lots of cuteness there! :-)