Monday, July 13, 2009

The Secret Garden

I remember these sorts of places when I was a little girl.  A cool, shady spot that no one else shared.  
Morning Glories provide a welcome wall of coolness in the mornings for James to sit and read.  He's the only one that claims this spot.  I would never dream of changing one thing about this place.  The vines have begun to grow willy-nilly onto the ground, but I think it makes his place all the more restful and hidden.  

Calvin and Hobbes are there with him to keep him company.  Perfect light reading for a perfect hideaway.


  1. What a sweetie pie. That looks like a wonderful private place for reading Calvin & Hobbes. I've got about 8 of those books on my bookshelf - my boys, especially my oldest, LIVED on C&H when he was younger. :-)

  2. Growing up in the city, my bedroom was my "private" place to read. At night I would have the moonlight shinning on me as I read and escape with "The Bobsey Twins" on their adventures.
    Now 56 I still have "private" places to read...which now includes the beauty of nature.

  3. You know how I feel about C & H, tattooed right on me, how ridiculous, but I do subscribe to their wisdom. Your little man is growing up TOO FAST like the other two and you KNOW I don't care for that one little bit! But I am Happy to see who they are becoming. Great find of a Great spot, kudos to my little man James. Oh and for reading that's pretty cool.

  4. Nothing better on summer vacation than reading C&H in the shade. Been there, done that. Miss it terribly.