Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prayers for Fatty

I don't know these people.  Well, not really.  I know them from cyberspace.  They don't really know I exist.  I've been following their story for quite some time.  You see, the man in the picture is named Elden.  He goes by Fatty.  He began writing a blog about his need to lose weight with the help of his mountain bike and lots of good friends.  He's funny and can find humor in the most mundane things.
I don't ride mountain bikes, and so you may wonder why I read his blog.  I read it because he has a side-story to his blog.  His wife is dying of cancer.  When I first began reading, it was when my mom was sick and for some reason I needed to read his blog.  His wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, but seemed to have gotten on the other side of it after her mastectomy much chemo and radiation.  Obviously, it came back.  She is now in the last stages of her disease.  It has spread to her bones and her brain.  She is at home with family and hospice.
They seem like awfully nice people, like that matters.  Cancer doesn't care.
The internet with all its availability to the awfulness in the world, redeems itself by making it possible for me to pray about and be concerned about people I don't even know.  It makes it possible for me to send out an emergency email in the time it takes to press 'enter'.  Like so many other things in this world, it's whether you use it for good or evil.  I choose good.

So, if you are of the praying sort, please pray for Fatty and his family.  Please pray for a peaceful passing for his wife of 21 years, Susan.  Pray for their 4 children.  School's about to start and he's worried about their ability to get through the year with this happening right before school starts.  Kids just want to be like other kids, not whispered about because their mom just died. How will he deal with the sorrow of his children, when he's devastated himself?  Pray for Elden.  He's feeling what any of us would be feeling.  He adores his wife.  He can't imagine life without her and is plenty ticked off that he was unable to fix it.  After all, "isn't that what husbands are supposed to do---take care of their family and protect them? "  He knows better, but there is not right or wrong feeling when loved ones are dying.  


  1. Thanks for letting me know. I will be praying. What a beautiful family!

  2. Same thanks from CA. Sending prayers also.

  3. You've done good, CeeCee. Wish we could all do more....like somehow heal her. Darn cancer!
    I've been following along for a couple months and my heart aches everytime he shares a video of her or talks about her.
    It just tears me up inside. I see her children and feel so awful for them and for their Mom, who knows what is happening...and doesn't want to leave her children behind. They need her so much.

    Got to stop. Just too sad.

    God Bless them all,

  4. Sweet of you to post about this, CeeCee. I somehow ran across his blog a few weeks ago - it tore my heart out. I will keep the entire family in my thoughts and prayers.