Monday, July 27, 2009

A LIttle Help from Above

Technically speaking, I didn't need the help knowing whether my pomegranates were ripe.

  Also, my help didn't arrive from heaven, she arrived from the branches of a Live Oak tree.
She, being one of the many squirrels that have found their way to my neck of the woods.
Believe it or not, when we first moved here, there were no squirrels.  The first one didn't appear until 3 summers ago and was alone until last year.  
I guess she invited a couple friends home from church or where ever nice squirrels go to meet other squirrels.  We now have at least 8. Watching the 3 newest babies play like puppies in the trees puts a smile on my face every time. 
Yea, I know they are troublemakers for most folks.  I just can't help but admire their moxie, acrobatics, and problem solving skills.   I guess I can spare a pomegranate or two.


  1. I enjoy having squirrels around, too. Watching them cavort around is lots of fun.
    So how big is your pomegranate tree and how many fruits do you typically harvest every year. Does it produce every year?
    I wonder if it's too cold up here to grow one. We can get below zero temps at least once a winter.


  2. LOL...As far as I can tell I have at least one squirrel who loves our walnut trees. But my lil dog does not like the squirrel and chases it up the tree...the funny part is that the squirrel climbs up and starts to eat the walnuts dropping the shells on my dogs head and starts a "laughing" noise at my dog...just too funny!

  3. We've got tons of squirrels where I am. They are mainly the black ones. I love to find new feeder contraptions for them to test out. I think its fun to watch them try to figure out how to get the food. The pomagranant looks neat, I wish I could grow them here :(

  4. I also enjoy watching the squirrels. One comes to my patio and sprawls out all four legs, flat on his belly in the shade of my potted plants. So goofy looking. We only have ground squirrels around here.

  5. I think nice squirrels go to the nut house to meet other nice squirrels...

  6. We have a plethora of squirrels here! They're constantly running through the treetops, going from tree to tree. In the fall when the leaves are off the trees, you can see all kinds of squirrel nests in the trees. They think our birdbath is an oasis.

  7. Wow - you have a pomegranate tree??? How cool is that!

    I love watching squirrels too. We've got one that will go right into the chicken run and eat scratch with the chickens! The chickens used to look at him kind of funny, but they seem to have accepted him now. Too cute.