Monday, July 6, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake, Part II

Back in May, I posted about making a cake for one of my best friend's daughter.  She was turning 18.  May became a crazy month with the kids, as it always does.  There is a constant barrage of projects due, awards ceremonies, standing watch to see if help is needed studying for finals, teacher gifts, making sure they get enough sleep, and on and on.  
This cake was a welcome diversion.  I'll admit, fondant is not my favorite thing to work with after two tries.  I guess I had trouble in wanting the cake to look as perfect as those on the Food Network.  I've long ago given up the need for perfection, but I couldn't kick it with the fondant cakes for some reason.  I guess like anything else in this life--practice makes perfect (or nearly perfect).  
Despite my hangups with perfection, it was a joy to make this cake for Miss D.  She chose one of my favorite TV shows as her theme, CSI.  She and her friends solved a murder mystery as their activity, thus the 'bloody' knife as a prop for the cake. Coincidently, the red food coloring for the fondant looks just like blood. 
The very best part was the lovely Thank You note she sent me just 2 days after her party.  It was well thought out and meant a lot to me.  Thank you notes go a long way with old people like me. :)


  1. That's an awesome looking cake! You did very well! Cool party theme too! I love CSI though I am not sure I would want to eat afterwards! Although, seeing that cake...

  2. Wow! Beautiful cake! I'm glad it was appreciated.
    But why didn't the folks who created fondant make it taste better than old playdoh?
    I don't get it. It looks like it should be creamy and buttery...but it is SO not.


  3. Absolutely phenominal. Yep, that's your cakes. You're really good at this cake stuff! No one should complain when YOU tell them to eat cake!

    Always nice to be appreciated too. Thank you notes aren't commone enough these days.

  4. The cake is beautiful! And looks "perfect" to me.