Friday, July 17, 2009

Ladylike Behavior

Emily Post, I am not. 
I do know that some view it as proper for ladies to sit with legs crossed at the ankles and not the knees. I think the real reason behind that was so one's calves would not be exposed in a "look at me" way in dresses.  

I know I have better luck with proper posture in a chair if I have my legs crossed at the knees.  

Both my furry girls have their own version of what it proper.  Smokie sticks with the 'crossing at the ankles', while Mandy prefers the 'ankle under' method shown here.  She is like my daughter in that way.  Pearl can often be found sitting with one leg curled up under her.  Not in a dress though! She wasn't raised in a barn.  Not that I haven't tried, but Lee won't let us build a barn.  He knows Pearl and I will just put more 4-legged things in it.
I digress.
How do your 4-leggeds cross their legs? 


  1. Callie favors "The Buddha": both forlegs tucked under her chest in a completely symmetrical manner, head bowed slightly, eyes closed but for tiny slits, breath deep and even. One might suspect napping, but no, this is Kitty Meditation at its best.

  2. We have cats but our one cat (a male) just sprawls out and lets it all hang out. Our female cat is much more lady like and sits with her paws crossed at the ankles

  3. This cracks me up! I love wearing dresses but hate crossing my legs. I'm more like Pearl, I like to sit with one leg under my booty. You can't do that in dresses...

  4. lol! CeeCee. You're so funny. I've never even noticed.
    I will say that Baby Doll's knees always crack me up. Because her legs are white from the knees down, she reminds me of an old lady in a black dress wearing white stockings. And it's even more noticeable when she is standing facing forward...which only makes it look like she's an old lady with with stockings...and knobby knees. lol!


  5. Beautiful pups! And both are very lady like.

    Dolly is still a puppy, and I'm afraid she doesn't have many lady like behaviors yet. She sprawls out any ol' way she pleases. But she does give soft, sweet lady like kisses, so maybe all is not lost!