Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Official.

 The last 30 days are the hottest 30 days on record in Austin. 
Since the late 1800s.  
Not that the information is important to any, but those of us in Austin.  Just a blog for historical reasons, I guess.
It might get down into the upper 90's this week.  WooHoo, better break out my parka again.
Oh, with those 95*-99* temps we have a 10% chance of rain.  
Umbrellas at the ready.

This is a picture is of my own El Niño.  
I'm praying the weather gurus are right about the weather El Niño brewing in the Pacific for this winter.


  1. Which is weird since my mom in Wisconsin says they haven't gotten out of the 50s yet this summer.

  2. Love the pool pic, I would LOVE to be in the pool but it's a whooping 68 degrees today, not exactly pool weather!

  3. He is the picture of relaxation! Such a little cutie too.

    It's been a very odd summer here. One day it's sweltering hot with high humidity, and the next day is just about too cool to be wearing shorts.

    I do hope y'all cool off some though. Your weather sounds brutal!

  4. Now, you can bet he is really glad for that pool in that weather!! Are you getting some cooling today, down into the 80's, and a little rain today?? Samish Island, Washington is experiencing a very 'favorable' summer (almost 'ideal' to most of the local's thinking).

  5. Yup, I would like a pool like this. James is the picture of relaxed! Love the shades, too.
    Sorry about your bloody hot weather - that's pretty scary. We've had a go of super hot (90+ degrees) these last two weeks and there's currently no end in sight.
    Hang in there!