Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hot, Hotter, Hottest

Not a very original title, I know.  My brain is just tired.  Any conversation I have with stranger and friends alike, always mentions the weather.
It is shaping up to be the hottest, driest year ever in Austin, TX.  I said, EVER.  
On average, we have 11 days above 100* for the entire year.  So far, since the middle of May, we've already had 20!  We still have 3 months of summer left.  Our summer temperatures last well until the end of September.  Just last summer we had a record 50 days above 100*.  The forecast has us beating that.  If there was ever a time Texans didn't want to "win" by beating one thing over another, that time is now.

Our local lakes have dropped an astonishing 27+ feet already and there is NO rain in sight.  Not for the rest of the summer.  I'm not kidding.  Short of a hurricane in the gulf, it probably won't rain any appreciable amount until the El Nino gets moving in October in the Pacific. I sure don't want a hurricane so we can have some rain, though.  I saw on the news the other night that the lake I'm speaking of (Lake Travis) was once lower than it is now.  Sometime in the 1950's it was down 47 feet!  Still had water in it, but not much.  

If it doesn't rain, we're going to have do some major rethinking about the water supply at our house.  We are on a well.  At some point, the aquifer is going to drop lower than our pump---then what?  We have no access to 'city' water.  We don't even have fire hydrants in our area. Those folks that throw cigarette butts out car windows are not welcome in our neck of the woods.  

I wonder if weather has always been bizarre and we just didn't hear about it?  I know I have blogger friends in Maine that are so wet that their gardens are nearly a complete loss.  The immediacy of the computer age enables us to know things that we might never have heard about otherwise.  Weather is just one of those things.

So, this blog really has no ending.  No lesson learned.  Just me, posting for posterity.  Today's forecast: 98*, sunny, no rain.  WooHoo, a cold snap. :)


  1. Wow, Ceecee, I'm sorry. That is awful weather. We haven't had rain here in a month but others around us have. The weather is odd here. 5 miles to the north they get 2 inches, we get nothing. Being on a well is scary! Luckily, I set up a cistern that holds 300 gallons when we were getting rain. It feels good to have emergency water.

  2. I don't think weather has ever been as bizarre as it is now days. We on the other hemisphere are not enjoying the coldest earliest winter since about the 1950's. I have not felt the cold so bad since I was walking to school as a child.
    Plenty of rain falling but its not needed now, when it is needed I guess it will all be falling in your hemisphere. Thats the way it is!
    Hope you don't run out of the wet stuff.

  3. I had no idea it got so hot there. 20 days above 100? I can't begin to imagine what that's like. All the rain this year must be coming up through New Mexico. Do you guys use swamp coolers or refrigerated air? Whatever, I hope you're finding some relief. I've been whining all day and it's only 95.

  4. Christy, we get rain like that all the time---rains buckets a mile away and nary a drop at our house.

    Glennis, it's funny you mention the 1950's--that was the last decade when Austin had such extreme drought and heat.

    Linda, the heat here is hit or miss. In 2007, we only had 3 days above 100*. Plus, it was one of the wettest years on record. I found out today, that they set the "average" over the course of 3 decades. These last few years is bound to change the average numbers.

  5. We here in WI have had the coldest Spring on record since somtime in the 1940's. Then it would warm up for a day or two then drop back into the 50's. It rained around here almost all Spring with lots of flooding. Now it is so dry everything is turning brown. My plants don't know what to think so they are just all wilting.

  6. Im surprised Texas has any people living in it LOL... how can one bare such heat... maybe its just cos Im a Brit and we dont like anything above 80 LOL.. on saying that, we have been in the middle of a heatwave for over here, and it was a couple of weeks ago in access of 90 degrees many days in a row....


  7. Ugh. I can not imagine those kind of temps for that length of time.

    Do you get much rain in the winter? I wonder if a large rain barrel would fill up enough during your winters to get you through the summers, if needed?

    A dry well is one of my biggest fears. Lordy, I sure hope you don't go through that.