Monday, July 6, 2009

Green Zebra

Come on, admit it.  This is the first picture that came to your mind.  Until about four months ago, it would have been mine as well.

Back in March, I planted several varieties of heirloom tomatoes with high hopes of a bumper crop that would last all summer.  
Didn't happen.  Not even close.
Out of the 8 different kinds that I planted, only 3 have produced.  I was told that heirlooms are finicky.  I thought I could overcome that problem with love and water and seaweed extract.  What I didn't count on was extreme temperatures starting in May, and a second summer that appears to be rain-free.
In May, I had ginormous plants that were not setting fruit.  I needed my garden for other things, if these weren't going to comply with my golden rule.

"Produce or Perish"

The deer very much enjoyed 'Marianna's Peace', 'Pineapple', 'Aunt Ruby's German Green', 'Cherokee Purple', 'Rose DeBerne', and 'Pruden's Purple'.

What did survive and produce fruit were the 'Black Krim', 'Taxi' and the lovely 'Green Zebra' that you see here.  The Green Zebra is bit bigger than a golf ball, and striking in fresh tomato dishes.  Darn tasty to boot.  
What does it taste like?  Well, it tastes like a tomato.  
Would I grow it again next year? Sure.  It has proved that it can withstand the horrors of Austin summer and still produce. 


  1. I have the best luck with cherry tomatoes. I get enough of those to more than make up for the rest of the tomatoes that don't produce. Amish Paste frustrate me the most.

    I hate to say I immediately thought of the tomato when I read the title of your post.

  2. I LOVE the yellow tomatoes.... they look like they should taste sour though.... Im gonna see if I can grow them next year....


  3. I was thinking the same thing, Marmy. I wonder if it's sweet? It is VERY pretty though!

  4. What an interesting tomato!
    Glad it produced for you.


  5. Aw heck yeah! That's an awesome looking mater!

  6. Looks very different, as long as its a tasty tomato you may as well continue growing them, makes a great talking point when you take a salad out with your special green zebra on it.
    As a matter of interest, I am a taxi driver, I just have to ask what does a 'taxi' tomato look like?I would really like to know, maybe you could post a picture of that one too, if you have any left to photograph.

  7. Glennis and Marmite Toasty, welcome to Texas!

    Glennis, the Taxi tomato is just plain yellow. It's very tasty, but no pattern to speak of.