Friday, July 3, 2009

The Future

A few weeks ago, I blogged about having to kill one of my chickens because she was ill. I was going out of town, and didn't want my family to have to worry about a sick chicken.
I was going to be a counselor for a week at our church camp. I was going to be out of my comfort zone, as the campers are in Senior High. I normally staff the elementary age camp.
I had been told that this camp was sssoooo much easier to staff, as elementary age kids need your care 24/7. Sr. High campers pretty much take care of themselves, get where they are supposed to be, and stay out of trouble for the most part.

I am here to tell you that I'll never staff the younger camp again! The young women in my cabin were amazing. They were funny, smart, accepting, helpful, kept their stuff picked up, shared their secret stash of snacks, loving, got along, beautiful, silly......the list could go on and on.
What I loved most was seeing them become young adults. By the second day, the campers were taking over the planning of our evening worship time. They participated in very deep conversations regarding peace and justice, their vision of who God is, why bad things happen to good people, and several other theological questions.
I found out that many of them don't live sunny, perfect lives back at home. Camp is their one week of escape each year. Their one week to revive and relax. I think we provided them some of what they needed.

My oldest, Tom, was at this camp. I did what I could to stay out of his way, as I didn't want to throw off his camp experience. What was nice was that when he'd see me in the mornings at flag raising, is he'd give me a hug. He could have gone all week and completely ignored me, but didn't. Moms can survive on very little when they have to.

Two of the girls in my cabin are from my home congregation. They graduated last spring and will be moving to college this fall. Tom and 2 other boys from church will be graduating next spring. Where has the time gone? It's a happy/sad sort of feeling. I can say one thing for sure. If these young people are our future, it will be a fine future indeed.


  1. It's always nice to hear some GOOD things for a change about the state of youth, etc. Glad your camp experience went so well!

  2. But maybe you might be called to staff the younger kids instead.....

    I hear ya, though. I always enjoy being around the intelligent, gentle, strong youth of tomorrow. I enjoy listening to their opinions and conversations and always feel honored when they include me, too.

    I'm glad it went so well. I don't remember the story about the sick chicken, though. What happened?