Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brain Drain

I don't have anything thoughtful or interesting to write about today.  I'm preparing my mind and body for our 28th day above 100*.  
James and I are getting ready to head out to do some errands before it reaches that triple digit number.  At least there's a breeze.
I looked out the window the other day and swore one of my chickens was dead because of the heat.  She wasn't, but it still gave me a scare.  It's just so hot that they don't move around much.  She laid in one place for over 2 hours.

My garden---very few things are hanging on. My 'Early Girl' tomato is doing great because I just plopped it in the ground in a fairly shady place.  It was the only space I had left.  It worked out for 'her'.  Believe it or not, one of my heirloom tomatoes continues to hang on--'Green Zebra'.  My watermelons have set 3 melons and I bet that's all I get.  My winter squashes aren't setting fruit and just soak up water.  They may have to go. I pulled up my cucumbers a few days ago.   My sweet potatoes are in heaven with this heat.  I just have to make sure they get a drink every few days and they're happy as clams.  "Happy as a clam"---where did that come from? Geez, now I have to Google it. (rolls eyes)

Every year our church takes a Back-to-School boat trip.  It's one of those party barges that you can rent for 4 hours at a time.  This year's trip is in peril.  Our lake is now down 27 feet and it continues to drop about 1-2 feet a week.  I know everyone still wants to go, but I wonder how much fun it will be if hundreds of people on the lake are gathered around one or two deep spots?

Ah well, I leave you with the cool colors of my Morning Glories.  These are the ones James hides behind every day to read.  What's fun about these Glories is that they don't wither after the morning has passed, even in this heat.  Their color fades from bright purple/blue to slightly pink before they fall off.  They are open all day.  Blue has never been one of the colors I like in a garden, but I welcome its cool feeling reprieve in this weather.


  1. My thoughts are with you. Today I am going to a nearby town to shop and it will be in the 100's. I dread loading the groceries into the car in the heat. I hope your chickens are able to make it through this hot summer ok. I love James' secret garden. The morning glories are very pretty.

  2. Wow! Your heat/water issues are awful. So sorry for that. We've had too much rain and it's been cool here. All things considered, I think I like our weather more than yours. Anyhow, morning glories look great!

  3. Sure hope you get some releif soon. It is no fun when it is that hot and dry.

  4. Sorry it's so hot where you are! They said it's one of the coolest Julys ever. Sorry about your trip possibly being messed up.

  5. I wish I could send you half of June's rain in exchange for 10*. I'm sorry it's like this. One extreme for you, the other for me. It's crazy.

  6. Those glories are just gorgeous, CeeCee. They make me feel cooler just looking at them.

    Actually it is cool outside right now. By 8pm every night the temps drop down from the mid 90's into the 60's. Brrr! I'm all wrapped up in a blanket right now.
    That's how it is in the high desert, though.

    Do you get the cooler nights, too? We are without rain, too. By this time every year we can count on our summer monsoons.....but all we've had every evening are lightning....but no rains....which means fire danger. *shiver* (and that was not from being cold)

    I hope you all get some rain soon, too. Bummer that the lakes are drying up in your area. :(